1. A

    Finite Automata - Basics

    Hi Guys, I have just started with an Intro to Computer Science Course (part time) and have just completed a chapter about creating Finite Automaton. The examples in the text book are super easy, but as usual the assignment question is tough. I already spent about 3 - 4 hours on this problem and...
  2. A

    Basics- real numbers

    I am just starting discrete maths so trying to wrap my head around a few basic concepts. Would appreciate an answer and explanation for the following question: Is it true that dividing a nonzero real number by a nonzero real number always gives a nonzero real number?
  3. maxpancho

    Basics physics problem

    An officially sanctioned baseball must be between 142 and 149 grams. How much work, in Newton-meters, does it take to throw a ball at 80 miles per hour? At 90 mph? At 100.9 mph? What's the procedure here, can someone tell? If W=m*a*s, then could I find v, then takes it's derivative and plug...
  4. S

    Trying to understand the basics of a mixed-effects logistic regression model for a 10

    Hello all, I am trying understand how to correctly build a mixed-effects logistic regression model in R. I believe my model is pretty simple and straight forward but I'm lacking in experience and uncertain I'm doing it correctly. Not being a statistician and struggling with stats, the specifics...
  5. P

    Physiologist getting back to basics

    Hi everyone, I'm a physiologist by profession and I'm starting to get more involved in research that requires some basic modelling. I need to re-learn some of the more difficult rules surrounding logarithms, exponential functions and fun stuff like that.
  6. W

    Need help with some basics.

    1.) find all real number solutions, by 2 decimal places. 9b^4 = 6 2.) Find the approx equation y = ab^2 of the exponential curve that contains the given pair of points. ( 0, 82 ) , (6, 19) This is not for homework, just reviewing algebra basics.
  7. K

    Plane Geometry Basics

    Hi there! currently having trouble with a problem found on page 8 #18 in Kern and Bland Solid Mensuration The problem states that "Each of the four circles shown in the figure above is tangent to the other three. (a) If the radius of each of the smaller circles is a, find the area of the...
  8. P

    Complex Numbers basics problem

    hi... there has been a question which always crosses my mind whenever i see complex numbers... we say.. |x| is defined as squareroot(x^2) so, why do we not write |i| as i... (squareroot(i^2)=i)? (note that 'i' means iota) now u'll say that modulus function has also been defined as distance of...
  9. K

    Set Theory basics: an element of an element

    Hi everyone, In a proof I'm writing I inferred from, x is an element of D, and D is an element of A, that x is a subset of A. There is something wrong here, right? What can I infer from knowing the first two statements? Thank you!
  10. T

    Complex Numbers Basics!

    Hi I'm not very sure if this is in the correct forum, but I sincerely apologize if it is not. If a is ±3 and b is ±1, in forming the complex number a+bi, is it right to say that the possible combinations include -3-i and 3+i? I was doing a question on finding the square root of 8-6i, and got...
  11. T

    Complex Numbers Basics!

    Hi I seem to not understand what the question is asking. If z=2cis(delta), write -z* in polar form. I understand how to do this, my -z* was -2cos(delta) + i2sin(delta) This is the second quadrant, and since the coordinates of z are (2cos(delta), 2sin(delta)) the coordinates of -z* are...
  12. A

    Anyone know good resources on learning the basics for logs?

    We started logs in class yesterday, but the teacher is not explaining it as well as I'd hoped. I don't understand much. Does anyone know a good website which goes over the logarithm basics? Thanks!
  13. T

    Vector basics

    Hi I'm new to vectors and I really do not understand how one part came about. An airplane needs to fly due east from one city to another at a speed of 400 kmh¡1. However, a 50 kmh¡1 wind blows constantly from the north-east. In what direction must the aeroplane head to compensate for the wind...
  14. T

    Complex Numbers Basics!

    Hi I'm confused with these three questions. I do not have the answers with me so I really need your help! 1.) If z = 4cis40, find -z. I know z is a+bi since 4cis40 is in the first quadrant, so -z is -a-bi, which will be in the third quadrant. So I got an answer of 4cis(-220) since I was told...
  15. I

    Basics of Counting: Induction Proof (Product Rule)

    The question: *Use mathematical induction to prove the product rule for m tasks from the product rule for two tasks.* The Product Rule for counting states: The Product Rule: Suppose that a procedure can be broken down into a sequence of two tasks. If there are n1 ways to do the first task and...
  16. T

    Moments part 2 - basics

    Given Mx(t) = exp(t^2 + 2t) My(t) = exp(3t^2 + t) Find the mgf of X + 2Y. ___________________________ Can anybody explain how My(2t) = exp(12t^2 + 2t) ???? I figured this going backwards from the it may be wrong... THANKS ____________ The answer is exp(13t^2 + 4t)
  17. S

    Subtraction Basics

    Hello people Im new to this forum, I hope Ive posted this in the correct section, I did search for help on my question before posting a new thread but didnt find speciffically what I was looking for. I am very poor at maths, and over the next few weeks I will be doing a basic Maths course aimed...
  18. T

    Need help with fractions. Get basics.

    Hi i am a new member and i do apologise if i have posted in the wrong section. However to the point. I have fractions problem. The problem is well understanding it. I can do the manipulations but understanding is important. If someone can help or direct me to a website i will be glad. I just...
  19. silvercats

    Framewoks basics tutorial

    anybody know of a good website to learn about Frameworks basics ?better if a video tutorial.thanks
  20. F

    integration,,either forgotton basics or wrong answer given

    [tex] \int_{0}^{t}\frac{\alpha \beta \gamma^\alpha}{(\gamma+\beta t)^\alpha+1}[\math] comon seriously theres nothing wrong with my latex code.... be back in an hour with the 'wrong' anser they give. got to nip out i cant