1. T

    Find x where sin(x) gives the same result when expressed in radians or degrees.

    The title is pretty much the question, but for more elaboration..: Define the functions...f(x) = sinx where x is measured in radiansg(x) = sinx where x is measured in degrees.On the same set of axes, draw the graphs of both f(x) and g(x) for 0≤x≤20. Indicate on your graph the smallest positive...
  2. C

    Equation to solve a basic problem

    Hi, Not sure if I'm at the right place but I need an equation if possible. a – c = 44 (variable) a + b + c is always 100 b is always 53% of b + c what is the formula to calculate the values of a, b & c when the 44 changes? Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks.
  3. B

    SPSS Basic Histogram - how to manipulate given data

    Hi I have never used SPSS before and have had a look around the web before posting this. I have a set of data that contains three variables: 1. The name of a road 2. The length of the road; and 3. The suburb the road ends in. I need to create a histogram to compare the distribution...
  4. brandnew

    few more basic differential equation questions ??

    i was trying to learn differential equations ... i was lucky enough to find some good explanations for calculus and differential equations ... in this equation which is the dependent variables and which one is the independent variables ?? and how do i solve this differential equation...
  5. U

    Basic probability.. Confused dad!

    Hi guys, new to the forum. Just wondered if anyone could help me with some basic probability. I used to think I was pretty good at maths, but I was recently helping my daughter with her maths homework and found I was confusing myself and questioning what I was trying to teach her.. I guess...
  6. M

    Basic Digit Problems

    Question: What is the product of 23 and 79 to one place of accuracy? 1600 or 2000. Seeking help. Thanks. Regards, Mushfique
  7. B

    Basic Permutation Questions - wondering if I am on the right track

    Hi I have got some basic example questions and I am hoping someone could let me know if I am on the right track! Qu1(a) How many different ways can the letters in the word wombat be arranged: I thought this was simply 6! from (6 choose 1; 5 choose 1; 4 choose 1; 3 choose 1 and 1 choose 1)...
  8. L

    Basic Limit Question

    I don't understand where the 8h term comes from in this problem. ----- C(x) = -.2x^2 + 8x + 40 Find the instantaneous rate of change with respect to the number of cases produced when 5 cases are produced. The instantaneous rate of change when x = 5 is given by: lim h->0 [C(5 +...
  9. M

    Basic Math Proof

    Hi, On recommendation of other forum users I'm going back and learning math from the ground up more rigorously. I just started Basic Mathematics by Serge Lang and I've hit a snag the first few pages in. It's the proof of the identity, -(a + b) = -a + (-b). Obviously this makes sense...
  10. B

    Equating two equations - basic algebra questions re exponents and trig functions

    Hi, I have the following: Consider the following two expressions: f(x) = e ^(2x) − (e^(x) cos x)^ (2)/x^2 and g(x) =  (e^xsin x/x)^2 I have to show that these equations are equal for x not equal to 0. I have a couple of basic questions: When an expression is expressed to the power 2...
  11. F

    Help on basic iterated integral problem?

    Let B be the region bounded by the equations y = x1/2 and y = x3 What two iterated integrals would represent the area of B, with one iterated integral using dy then dx, and the other using dx then dy? I think I know the upper and lower limits for the integrals (for dy then dx I think it should...
  12. A

    Basic math problem has me stumped

    I'm trying to calculate a rectangle volume required for excavation. They give the following information, 200 millimeters depth to be excavated. Width of trench is 7.5 meters and length of trench is 10 kilometers. Express result in cubic meters. At first I tried converting everything to meters...
  13. J

    A basic function question

    I am trying to understand how I am to interpret this question. I understand that it's being stated that if x=-7... but after that, I don't understand how they jump to -x and that is in the domain of f(x)=square root of x. Are they taking the (-) away from the 7 and giving it to the x as if it...
  14. A

    [Basic Statistics and Probability] Expected Value

    Not sure if I have my answer right or wrong? Either way the program will not accept my answer (MyOpenMath). Question: Tickets for a raffle cost $13. There were 739 tickets sold. One ticket will be randomly selected as the winner, and that person wins $$1700 and also the person is given back...
  15. F

    Re: Basic Inventory Models

    Hi, I recently set up a MILP model which covers your problem. I use COIN CBC/CLP to solve the problem. You can configure the model through .Net API. You find the download on my page under Advanced Planning and Scheduling Best regards Andreas
  16. Bernhard

    More (VERY BASIC) Questions on O'Neill's Example on Wedge Products ... ...

    I am reading Barrett O'Neil's book: Elementary Differential Geometry ... I need help with some more issues/problems with the example on wedge products of differential forms in O'Neill's text on page 31 in Section 1.6 .. The example reads as follows: In my working of the example above...
  17. C

    Basic derivative

    dy/dx [ e^(x^2)(y) ] I keep losing myself on this. Is it e^(x^2)(y) * [2xy + x^2dy/dx] ?
  18. A

    Problem with basic vectors

    hello everyone Greetings. A problem with parallel vector, my answer is not the same with textbook. Question: m=-4i-xj , n=8i+3j are parallel. Find x. My answer: x=-3/2 Prove: n = -2(m) will get n = 8i + 3j Textbook answer is x=-16/9. Appreciate all your help, thank you.
  19. I

    Basic algebra sums

    The question says- If a,c,c are positive real roots such that a+b+c =p, then find 1/a+1/b+1/c.
  20. I

    Basic probability

    The question is as follows- What is the probability that an ordinary or a leap year has 53 sunday?