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    coins and weight....with possible error in balance measure

    I have run thru this problem: We are given 1000 coins, each of which weights a natural number of grams , and a two-pan balance, measuring in grams the weight difference between the objects placed on two plates. The balance is generally reliable, but for a construction defect we know that at...
  2. M

    Double Declining Balance Depreciation Calculator

    Given Asset Value, Salvage Value, and N, this will determine Depreciation and Book Value at time t. Double Declining Balance Depreciation Calculator
  3. C

    Energy Balance Equation Derivation

    Hi all, I'm looking over some notes at the moment for university and this process has me completely stumped. I've screenshotted a picture of the slide, so hopefully you can all see it ok. Can anyone explain to me how on Earth we go from the 'consider the equation' to the energy balance...
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    Balance sheet-Having difficulty with a few figures

    The figures marked in red are incorrect. I am having difficulty with this. I believe my figures are wrong because of that 1st equipment figure being wrong. If anyone could please assist me and help to explain it, I would very much appreciate it.
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    Balance Sheet Help!!

    I'm having such a hard time balancing the balance sheet, I could use some help..
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    Integration of mass balance differential equations

    Dear all, Background: I am a consultant process engineer and new to this forum, I hope to comply with most rules here. I thought this was the appropriate location to post this problem. I came accross a client who has been trying to solve the following problem for over 20 years. Any help would...
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    Having trouble with econ problem - banks and balance sheets

    I've been reading my textbook and looking through my class notes and I just can't seem to make sense out of this problem. Any help would be appreciated!! I'm totally lost! :/ Suppose a bank has $100 million dollars of assets to invest. It can either invest in risky or safe loans. Safe loans...
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    Automated Budgeting System Balancing equation

    Hi, I am creating an automated budgeting system using mainly excel. I did statistics and maths in uni quite some years ago. I am looking for an equation whereby you enter loan amounts "a", "b", and "c". You then enter the amount owing and interest rate for each and the amount of cash available...
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    Compound interest in excel on a loan balance which changes daily

    Hello everyone I hoped someone could help with this math problem. "The amount of the repayment shall be the principal plus interest at an annual rate of 8 per cent (compounded annually) on the daily amount of your loan balance (calculated on the basis of a 365 day year). " I have a loan...
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    Accounting Problem--Trial Balance

    The ff. are selected balances taken from the adjusted trial balance of Morgan Industries as of March 17, 2009: Accounts Receivable 120,000 Allowance for Doubtful Accounts 6, 000 Sales 750, 000 Sales Returns and Allowances 1, 500 Sales Discount 600 For the year 2010, the ff. transaction took...
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    Pan Balance Equations

    Help! There are two pan balances, the first pan balance has 2 full juice boxes on the left side and on the right side are 18 grapes along with a half-full juice box. The pan balance is equal. The second pan balance has an empty juice box on the left side and 6 grapes on the right side...
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    Reconciled Balance

    What is a reconciled balance? And how do I get it?
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    Chemical Engineering - Mass & Energy Balance Problem

    I would appretiate help with the following question Ethanol dehydration reaction is carried out in a reactor with the feed entering at 300oC C2H5OH --> CH3CHO + H2 This is an endothermic reaction. The feed contain 90% mole % ethanol and the balance acetaldehyde. heat is added to keep the...
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    Declining Balance Depreciation Calculator

    Version 2.0 of this depreciation method is now available. Given an Asset Value, Salvage Value, asset life (n), and time (t), this calculator will determine the Depreciation at time t as well as the Book Value at time t using the declining method balance method of depreciation. Our quiz...
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    Reducing balance loan graph on Classpad

    Hoping someone can help. I have just entered details of a reducing balance loan in the Amortization section of the Financial TVM menu. I am wanting now to draw the graph of the progress of the loan. I am hoping I can do this from this screen rather than switch to Graph&Table screen and have to...
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    forecast of savings balance

    Hi, I have a spreadsheet showing the balance of my savings account. See the graph of my balance as the blue line, the "projected" average progress as the yellow line and the goal line as the path I'd have to keep up with to reach my target amount by my target date. My question is how can I...
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    Correct Balance

    Pearl Construction uses the completed contract method for long-term construction contract. The information for a specific contract as of Jan 1, 2008 Costs incurred to date..........................700,000 Contract price..................................2,000,000 Estimated remaining cost to...
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    Balance equation

    How do I solve this problem? M1/(E1+a1)=M2/(E2+a2)=M3/(E3+a3)=...=Mn/(En+an) A=a1+a2+a3+...+an which value of M,E,A already known. how to get value of a? does there any method to solve this problem?
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    I bought a cheese on Friday that weighed 5 pounds on a balance of two dishes. Wary of weighing and the seller offered as compensation, sell me a cheese equal, which is heavy on the other plate of the balance. The weight was 3,2 pounds. Gain or loss on the transaction? What is the true weight of...
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    Balance Sheets

    Hi, Just attempting to get some answer from a balance sheet, however i'm really stuck may you have alook at the following and look at the second sheet(WhatINeed) and tell me if I'm on the right lines.. and advice would be brillant...