1. M

    Volume by rotating the y axis

    Hi, here is my problem: Find the volume formed by rotating the region enclosed by: and with about the -axis. So I get: V=\ 2\pi\int_0^{\sqrt6} (y^3)^2-(6y)^2 dy But my answer isn't right. Is this the correct way to set it up? Thanks, Matt
  2. mcdanielnc89

    axis line of symmetry

    Is the axis line of symmetry in this problem, -4?
  3. J

    Symmetric to which axis?

    The graph of y=cube root of (x^2+1) is symmetric with respect to which of the following? I. The X-axis II. The Y-axis III. The origin Now the multiple choice answers are combinations of these numbers, but I do have to show my work. Could someone clear this up without the use of a graphing...
  4. B

    calculus II areas about axis, pressure, infinite series, MacLaurin series

    7.2) Find the volume formed by rotating the region enclosed by: and with about the -axis 7.3) 1. The result of rotating the line about the -axis is 2. The result of rotating the line about the -axis is 3. The result of rotating the line about the line is 4. The result of rotating the...
  5. S

    [Statics] Parallel Axis Theorem

    Im having a hard time getting my head around this, any help would be much appreciated. 1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data Determine the position of the centroid and calculate the second moment of area about a horizontal axis passing through the centroid for the...
  6. M

    Axis of symmetry

    Question: If f(x) = 3x^2 - 15x + 3 and g(x) = x-2, the equation for the axis pf symmetry of the graph of y = f(g(x)) is? Not sure what to do or what this means. Please Help.
  7. S

    midpoint y axis ius this correct

    Which value of p makes the midpoint between E(3p, 8) and F(9, 4p) locate on y-axis? -5 -3 2 3
  8. I

    3 axis accelerometer forces as angles/vectors

    Hello, I have a three axis accelerometer that I am using in project that I am working on and I need to find the angle/vector of the axis’s when the device is not orientated to its designated axis, and when it is accelerating. If I lay the device flat on a horizontal surface and read the outputs...
  9. C

    z axis.

    Hi everyone! So I have to do this problem for homework. However, my book doesn't show us how to draw a graph that involves a z-axis as well as an x and y-axis. It assumes that you know how, and I haven't done this before so I would appreciate any help.
  10. C

    Application of Parallel Axis Theorem

    I am a civil engineer and have been in the field for 10 years so I have forgotten some basic theories of Maths. For me, what I remember is // axis theorem is able to make second moment of area of a section with reference with respect to any axis. In the basic bending theory of beam, the...
  11. B

    Area between curve and x axis

    If y = √ 4 - x^2 then the area of the region limited by this curve y and the x axis is a) ¶ b) 2¶ Calculate the correct result.
  12. K

    Rotation around an axis

    Hello, I have made this "code" to rotate a point about another point, which stays at it's own place (notice that this is programmed, so: Math.sqrt is the square root, Math.sin is sinus etc.) : But this doesn't work properly: The point DOES rotate, and in a good circle with a radius equal...
  13. C

    axis of pulley?

    I am stuck on a simple question that I belive could be a trick. it says - A 50kg body hangs at rest from a rope wrapped around a pully 15cm in diameter. what is the torque about the axis? the formula I have used for a similar question is Torque = Force x distance Force= Mass x Acceleration...