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    which is an equation of the axis of symmetry of the graph of the equation y=x2-6x+2

    Castle learning question(Headbang) which is an equation of the axis of symmetry of the graph of the equation y=x2-6x+2?
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    Disk Method about the x axis

    Does anyone know how to solve x(5-x)^(1/2) about the x axis using the disk method?
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    sinusoidal graph axis

    Hi; when you have a sine/cos graph and the x axis are labelled with numbers rather than radians is the period still 2pi. Thanks
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    Hyperbola - Loran - Rotate axis

    I'm trying to formulate a problem related with the Long Range Navigation(LORAN) System, that uses Hyperbolas to determine the position of a reciever(a ship for example). The Loran uses 1 master station and 2 slaves(and calculates de equation of the Hyperbola betwin the master and each of the...
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    WolframAlpha and plotting data on same axis

    This is what I'm trying to achieve: plot {10, 40, 160, 225, 320, 640, 1280}, y = 24x^2 - 102 But WolframAlpha can't interpret it. Is there a way to do this, such that I can see the data points and the function plotted on the same graph? Or even next to each other is fine. Any ideas?
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    Distance from Point to Axis.

    Hi everyone, The question is as follows: “Given the point A (3,8,-1), calculate the distance from A to the Z-axis. “ How would one calculate this? I thought of using the distance formula, making the second point (0,0,-1), but am unsure if this is the correct approach. Thanks in advance!
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    reflection in axis

    Okay, new question. Describe how the point (-3,5) would change if you reflected it across the x-axis and vertically stretched it by a scale factor of 3? I got (3,15) while my teacher got (3,-15) I honestly think I'm right on this one.
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    rotating a solid about the y axis

    so embarrassed that this is my second thread and in both i'm asking for basic help. i have taken calc 1 but i have not retained the material very well. i'm now in a class that asks us to solve problems using software and i'm a mess. i wish i could contribute by helping people here, but i am...
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    Width when axis is changed

    G'day guys, Looking for a bit of help with this: ImageShack® - Online Photo and Video Hosting Buying a new couch, but I can't measure what I need to. Basically it will be turned onto it's side to go through the door, creating a new "width". Also, the feet can be taken off in a worse...
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    Volumes of solid of revolution, rotated about the y axis

    I am not sure how to tackle this one. find the volume of y=x+1: x=0 and x=2, rotated about the y axis.
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    Gaussian Fit for a Data Distribution along an Axis

    Hi folks. I have a data distribution along an axis. I want to obtain a "Gaussian fit" for the data given on the picture. There are 1296 data points along the axis. Note that the peak shape is not necessarily in the middle of the picture. Is there anyone who can suggest a mathematical method...
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    Finding the area between curve, tangent and y axis.

    Having difficulties solving the following question part c. Q15 a)sketch the curve of e^x+2 b)Find the equation of the tangent at x=-2. I worked this out to be y=x+3 c)find the area between the curve, tangent and y axis. -i Know that the tangent equation x+3 and e^x+2 intersect at x=-2...
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    What is the axis of symmetry of the graph of y = 2(x – 3)2 – 7?

    What is the axis of symmetry of the graph of y = 2(x – 3)2 – 7?
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    Finding the radius of a Circle Touching a Parabola and the Axis

    Hi Forum! I have a little problem with a question: What is the radius of a a circle that touches the parabola 1/2x² at (2,2) and the x-axis? Here the derivative of our parabola is y=x And if we get (x-2)^2+(y-2)^2=(x-v)^2+y^2 This could give us the common point between those two circles...
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    Clarification on shifting functions - on x and y axis

    Hi I understand that a vertical stretch, ie a stretch on y axis is y = af(x) and a horizontal stretch, ie a stretch on the x axis is y=f(ax). and eg y=2sinx is an example of a vertical stretch and y=sin 2x is an example of a horizontal stretch. That's fine. But if I apply to a really...
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    Finding Equation for Axis of Symmetry?

    Find the equation of the axis of symmetry of the parabola gives point (-5,3) and (3,3) equally distant from the vertex on either side of it
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    Determine the Area of surface when y = 2 Sqrt x is rotated about the y axis [attempt]

    Hello guys the problems is to determine the area of y = 2 Sqrt X when it is rotaded about the y axis, you can see my progress in my uploaded paper. I would need some help finishing it. see uploaded paper: ImageShack® - Online Photo and Video Hosting
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    Moving 3D points on a plane to x-y axis

    Hi, This seems inherently a simple task, but I'm having real problems with it! I have a plane, let's call it P, with its direction defined by its normal vector n, and the camera distance, d, both of which I know: P: \textbf{n}.\textbf{x} = d Upon P, lie a set of coordinates: C =...
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    Conformal mapping Q - find minor and major axis length of the ellipse on semi circle

    Hi, i really dont know where to start with this q. there are 3 parts. Help on any part of the q is really appreciated. Thankyou for any help in advance. :) The question is attached below.
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    ellipse, center, axis

    Hi there, I am a little rusty with geometry.. I have this ellipse: f(x,y)=(x-1)^2+(x-1)(y-1)+(y-1)^2-3*(x+y-2)=0 I drew the graph with the help of a software and observed that is tangent to (0,3) and (3,0). It is a tilded ellipse. Can anyone tell me what is the center and what are the four...