1. H

    Ellipse - How to calculate exentricity and Semi-major axis

    Hey guys, i'm high school student. I'd like to ask for help with Ellipse. I need to calculate exentricity and Semi-major axis in Ellipse - equation 9x² + 25y² = 225. I'm translating assignment from slovak language, so there is high chance of mistake. Hope you understand. I'm not sure if i placed...
  2. M

    Stuck On Assignment Question

    Find the function of f(f(x)) and state the domain. f(x)= x/1+x. So far I have X/1+X/1+X/1+X , im assuming i am suppose to solve and simplify this somehow but I am stumped.
  3. A

    Bombing on a Trig Equations and Identities assignment, could use some help

    Hey Everyone, I've really been struggling with a trigonometry assignment so I thought I'd ask for some help, there's about 6 questions out of 20 I'm totally lost on and thought I'd ask on a few and see if it helped me with a 'Eureka' moment and I could get the rest on my own. 1) Write the...
  4. M

    Packing Sequence Picture Assignment

    Good day, I am looking for assistance with a math formula. Our company has a packing issue and I am tasked to resolve this. The real issue is with products been packed out of a desired sequence. So what we decided is to print symbols relating to a physical position on the delivery crates...
  5. H

    Probability distribution assignment

    Hi all, recently I am doing a maths assignment with a topic Probability Distribution. And I have a question on Normal Approximation to Poisson distribution. I had read some articles online that say: If lamda is greater than 20, then the approximation improves as lamda increases. However, from my...
  6. M

    Business Calc assignment help

    So for my assignment, my teacher gave us the median values of homes sold in the US from the years 2000 through 2009. We were to input these values onto a graph in excel and create a polynomial trendline to the third degree. Next we were to answer these questions: 1. Find the first and second...
  7. N

    HELP!!! - stuck on a few questions for an assignment:( not sure how to answer this.

    5. Griffin had an initial agreement to repay Daniel payments of $5,000 and $12,500 in 3 years and 10 years, respectively. What equivalent payment should Griffin pay instead 7 years from now in order to clear the debt? Assume an interest rate of 9% compounded monthly.
  8. N

    HELP!!! - stuck on a few questions for an assignment:( not sure how to answer this.

    1. Steve has two outstanding payments for a loan that he gave his friend: $3,000, due 4 months ago, which was not paid, and another payment of $1,200, due in 10 months. If his friend promises to make one single payment 6 months from now that would be equivalent to both these payments, what...
  9. V

    Help needed in Calculus assignment!

    can any one solve this assignment for me. i cant do this but this is important one. i will get dropped out if i dont complete this in time. i've one day left just. plz guys solve and e-mail me back [email protected] i've attached the file below
  10. U

    Year 10 - Geometry/Trigonometry Please ignore the pencilled 4m in the diagram but I really need to know what the length of the bottom line - line DC - is. A procedure or tips on how to calculate this would be useful. Also, is the pencil line from point C dividing right angle ACD exactly...
  11. A

    Place to get full assignment help

    Is there any place on the internet to get help with an entire assignment for preferably free, but at least less than idk $20? I doubt this is the place for something like this, so any and all help is appreciated. The included attachment is the assignment #1-34
  12. B

    HELP! :( My assignment in maths is hard :(

    Okay, so here is my problems: 1) Pinky measures that place is 100 feet wide, and the distance from the place of the tribune is 20 feet. Tribune angle he estimates to 45 degrees. He then draw a shape with a triangle ABC where A is 90 degrees. Then he draws a line from C to a point D on AB...
  13. R

    Confusing Probability and Stats assignment :(

    I'm doing an assignment for my stats class. It's about probability and combinations / permutations. Here's a question I'm having trouble with. 15 choose 2 = 105 ? Not sure at all how to approach this problem. Would 7 choose 1 * 8 choose 1 be valid? 7/15 * 8/14 = .27 ? 15 choose 3 =...
  14. Nadeshiko

    Patterns Assignment

    Hello! Please help me on this problem. I tried and I still don't know how to do it. I'm sorry but I forgot the work that I tried. I did it in my head. Sorry. Please help me with the problem below. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11... Questions: 1. How many #'s in row 30? 2. What row is #200 in...
  15. S

    MiniTab Assignment

    So, I have a MiniTab assignment due this Friday. I have successfully printed out 100 columns of 500 rows of sampling into a "One-Sample T". I was asked to find the expected value of a random number 0-12. (6) I was then asked to find how many of the intervals contained my "expected mu" data. I...
  16. R

    Accounting assignment help

    Accounting homework help . Send us your accounting & finance assignments and we will send you back the answers. We also help in projects, papers and essays. We also help in:- Accounting homework help Financial management homework help Statistics & economics homework help Net present value...
  17. T

    Linear Programming Assignment Guidance? (Email/PM)

    Hello Could someone please help me approaching a LP assignment? I have no idea what to do past the first problem. Would appreciate any guidance on offer. Would prefer to send you the problem via email or PM.
  18. M

    An assignment using G*Power

    A student I am tutoring in precalc asked me to help him on the following assignment from his Intro to Prob & Stat class. I am suppose to "explain" the assignment to him tomorrow, but I do not understand it myself. Here's the kicker... I read the email from the instructor and what I have typed...
  19. R

    Assignment Assistance

    Hello; I have just started Discrete Math this week. I am watching Discrete Mathematics video via YouTube and still a little hazy on some of my assignment questions. I am reading the text in the chapter prior to starting my assignments and while gaining a little bit of knowledge; am still lost...
  20. R

    Accounting assignment help

    Accounting homework help . Send me your accounting & finance assignments and i will send you back the answers. I also help in projects, papers and essays. I also help in:- Accounting homework help Financial management homework help Statistics & economics homework help Net present value, future...