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    Is there any single assessment to get a degree in higher mathematics?

    I'm self-taught, and attend a university would take a bit of my quality of life.
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    Not sure what formulas to use or how to outlay in this assessment task

    Hello Mathematicians :)I'm in dire need of help due to I'm new to statistics, and also it isn't my strong point in university (Sleepy) Can someone tell me what formulas to use and how to put them out? And also would I need PHstat for Question 3 to be solved. And if so where do i get the latest...
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    assessment test in a few days in some help!

    Need Help! Would like To know How to solve these..... Would like to know step by step(formula) Numerical Skills/Prealgebra 13. Adam tried to compute the average of his 7 test scores. He mistakenly divided the correct sum of all of his test scores by 6, which yielded 84. What is Adam’s...
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    review for assessment test

    I have to take an assessment test to determine what grade math to be placed in (I have been out of school for awhile). What all should I brush up on in order to ensure I get into grade 11?
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    Assessment Help

    so far, g'(t) = 95e^-0.25t * [1+19e^-0.25t]^-2 where g'(t) is the growth rate formula the thing i have to do is find the mean height of the tree's and how many years that i expect the process would occur. mean = 2.821 Integrate g'(t) = 95e^-0.25t * [1+19e^-0.25t]^-1 95e^-0.25t =...