area or volume

  1. M

    Quite simple area/volume help needed

    Hi guys, I am hoping to resit my GCSE maths exam (im from the UK) i am doing some mock questions but i am really struggling with 2 questions from the following 1. What is the combined area of the car park, office block A and office block B in (m2)? A. 3999.21 m2 B. 298.88...
  2. D

    Area/Volume between Curves

    I'm trying to help my sister out with a calc problem that she has in her study guide, and I no longer remember how to do these. Any help is appreciated (and i'm doing this somewhat off memory) There are two curves in question: y = 3^x+1 , and y = 5-2x^2 Region M is defined below 3^x+1 and to...
  3. J

    surface area/volume of cylinder

    The volume of a solid cylinder is 128\pi cm^{3}. Show that the total surface area, A cm^{2}, is A=2\pi r^{2}+\frac{256\pi}{r} where r>0. Anyway if anybody could please help me with this question I will be eternally grateful!(Nod)
  4. S

    cone/ surface area/volume..

    IF h, C , V are height , curved surface and volume of a cone respectively, then prove that 3 π V h² – C² h²+ 9 V² = 0
  5. Q

    Finding the Area/Volume of a solid using the shell/disk/washer method..

    Ive been working on this problem for a while, and I can't get very far with it. I don't really know what to do. Let R be the region bounded by the graphs of y=√x, y=e^-x and the y axis. a) Find the area of R b) Find the volume of the solid generated when R is revolved about the horizontal...
  6. A

    Max/Min Of Area/Volume

  7. B

    Surface Area/Volume of 3-D Vectors

    How do you find the surface area/volume of a rectangular box using vectors? Considering vertexes at: O: (0,0,0) X: (9.5,0,0) Y: (0,4.7,0) Z: (0,0,3)
  8. S

    slant height/total area/volume problem. did i do this one right?

    IS this correct. Im not so sure, especailly about c. Thanks. A pyramid has a square base of side 10. A lateral edge of the pyramid is 13. a) Find the slant height. 12, because of specail right triangle 5,12,13 b)Find the total area. LA= 1/2pl LA= 1/2 40x12 LA=240 TA=LA+B...
  9. S

    Surface Area/Volume Problem: did i do it correctly?

    Please check to see if i did this right. Thanks a trillion! A wooden shed in the shape os a rectangular prism with base length and width of 8' and 6' has a hieght of 10'. The shed is resting on the ground. a)What is the surface area of the shed that can be painted? SA=ph+2B (but you...
  10. Bartimaeus

    Surface area/volume

    I've got a test next week, and I can't remember the equation for the surface area and volume of: a) a sphere b) a pyramid/cone Please jolt my memory, thanks.