1. S

    Guidance regarding integration

    Before learning Integration in calculus we should know Trignometry and inverse Trignometry forumulas . If a student is through with formulas can he solve Integration Problem fast.
  2. H

    How can measure of a minor arc is equal to measure of its central angle in a circle?

    How can measure of a minor arc is equal to measure of its central angle in a circle?
  3. H

    the diameter can be considered as an arc???

    Q. If the average distance of the sun from the earth is 92.5 x 10 to power 6 miles and the angle subtended by the sun at the eye of a person on the earth is 32 minutes, find the diameter of the sun. In the solution, they have mentioned a line - the diameter can be considered as an arc. I dont...
  4. S

    Arc Length

    Calculate the arc length of the curve y = ln(sin(x)) over the interval [pi/6, pi/2] f'x = cos(x)/sin(x) Integral [pi/6, pi/2] sqrt (1+((cos(x)/sin(x))^2) dx = -ln(2-sqrt3)????
  5. A

    Find arc centre given end coordinates and radius

    (This is for interpreting G-Code...) I have the coordinates of the end points of an arc and its radius and I need to find the centre of the circle the arc is part of. (x1,y1) and (x2,y2) are the end points of the arc and R is the radius. This is where I have got to: I have drawn the chord of...
  6. MechanicalPencil

    Arc length of cardioid using line integral techniques

    I've written out the question and my work thus far. If someone tell me if I'm on the right track or not, it would help a lot.
  7. T

    Equally separated Arc Length

    Hi guys, Say we have a smooth continuous real single variable function f(x) defined on a closed finite interval [a,b]. Lets say the Arc Length on that interval is L, then if I want to partition L into n equal segments (i.e. of length L/n) and solve for the values of x that correspond to said...
  8. X

    diffrentiate ln (arc cosh x )

    in the photo , i have shown my working and my ans , but the ans given is diffrent from my ans , which part of my working is wrong ?
  9. X

    find arc length

    how to integrate the integral that I gt ? I'm asked to find the arc length of the curve
  10. X

    arc length

    i want to find the arc length of x= (y^4)/8 + 0.25/y^2 , the ans given is 0.609,but i gt 5/6
  11. X

    finding the arc length

    i have problem of integrating the terms here , how to continue ?
  12. X

    prove of sin ( arc sec x )

    can anyone?? i have tried out thr provoing , unfortunealy , i gt 1/x As we know that the cos theta is adjacent / hypotenuse . so i have sec theta = 1/ (cos theta) so i have hypotenuse /adjacent
  13. D

    Find height of arc on a line segment of a circle?

    Hi! I have a radius of 1,129 feet (Really big). I have a strait line segment that's 110 feet 5 inches. What's the greatest height in inches from the line to the arc? Also, what's the formula? Thank you!!! It seems it's only a few inches? My neighborhood blocks are curved. My property line fence...
  14. X

    differentiate arc cosh ( cosh x )

    how to get the ans ? i have attacahed the ans is the 2nd pic.
  15. X

    differentiate arc sinh x

    which is the correct ans ? my ans or the ans provided ? P/s : the ans provided gt abs (x) at the denominator , right ?
  16. X

    integrate( x^2) arc (sin x )^3

    how to do this ?
  17. X

    integrate (e^x )arc sec x

    i gt stucked here , how to proceed ?
  18. P

    Need a step by step explanation of how to solve this arc length problem

    Hello, I would like a step by step explanation of how to solve the arc length problem below. I attempted to solve it myself, but there's no way my answer could be correct, which is why I am seeking the help of somebody more experienced. Find the length of the arc between x = 0 and x = 9 for the...
  19. M

    Finding the arc length problem

    please see attached file The problem states OA = 4, measure angle AOD = 160 degrees and measure of arc DC = 88 degrees. What is the arc length of BC? The answer given is 8/15 * pi I found the arc length to be 88 degrees which I don't believe matches the answer. Can someone help?
  20. V

    Arc Length

    Can someone please tell me how to calculate the arc length of the red line? Thanks, vyork