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    Proof by induction (Doubling interest rate more than doubles principle appreciation)

    I need to prove by induction that if the interest rate per period is doubled, then the price appreciation from compounding is more than doubled if n > 1. That is that: (1 + 2i)^n > 2((1 + i)^n - 1) for n > 1...
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    Asset appreciation question.

    As the financial consultant to a classic auto dealership, you estimate that the total value (in dollars) of its collection of 1959 Chevrolets and Fords is given by the formula v = 305,000 + 970t^2 (t ≥ 5) where t is the number of years from now. You anticipate a continuous inflation rate of...
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    Rate of appreciation: the rule?

    can anyone help me with a rule for rate of appreciation? I have a rule except i dont think im putting it into my calculator right i keep getting overally large numbers. Thanks