1. A

    Different answers if using imaginary numbers or not

    If a and b are positive real numbers, then ( (-a) * (-b) )^0.5 has two answers, which is correct? Not using imaginary numbers: ( (-a) * (-b) )^0.5 = ( ab )^0.5 Using imaginary numbers: ( (-a) * (-b) )^0.5 = (-a)^0.5 * (-b)^0.5 = i * a^0.5 * i * b^0.5 = i^2 * ( ab )^0.5 = -( ab )^0.5
  2. M

    Implicit differentiation yields two different answers

    Why the difference in finding y'? (Does it have to do with dividing by x which might be zero?) Find dy/dx for the equation 3x^2 y^4=12 Using implicit differentiation (after dividing by 3): x^2 y^4 = 4 \\ 2x y^4 + 4x^2 y^3 y' = 0 \\ 4x^2 y^3 y' = -2x y^4 \\ y' = -\frac{2x y^4}{4x^2 y^3} =...
  3. A

    Contradictory answers for nested exponents (ex: ((-4)^2)^(1/2)

    I am looking at two different methods of solving one simple problem, that give conflicting answers, and would like to know which of my solutions is wrong. The problem is simple: simplify the square root of a square. Example: (x2)(1/2) Here are steps that prove the answer is x: (x2)(1/2) =...
  4. A

    Answers check please, thank you.

    Question number 4,5 Question number 6,7,8 Question number 9,10 View image: 114 Question number 11,12,13,14,15,16 Answer to number 4: (2,3,-1) Answer to number 5...
  5. E

    need help with some questions. Cna someone check my answers?

    I think I answered these qestions wrong. Can someone check them and correct me where I'm wrong? thanks. question1: my answer: A number is prime when its only factors are 1 and the nmber itself. therfore if p,q - prime numbers, and p is not equal to q, the only common factor they have is 1...
  6. C

    simplifying my answers

    help :( i got the derivative but it i don't know how to solve it to the answer choice format.
  7. E

    Seem to get two different answers depending on how I solve the problem.

    x + 2y - 3 = xy. Find y in terms of x. Here is the way I solved it: x + 2y - 3 = xy x - 3 = xy - 2y Subtracted 2y from both sides, isolating it. x - 3 = (x -2) y Grouping. This may be where my error is occuring but I'm not sure why. I'm assuming it has to do with the sign of the 2y, or...
  8. R

    The domain of y=csc x is given by x≠ (π/2) +nπ. (answers attached below)

    The domain of y=csc x is given by x≠ (π/2) +nπ. (answers attached below) True or false please explain answer. Thank you!
  9. D

    Confusing Answers

    - Indeterminate OR = 1 Both problems involve infinity to the 0 power. But they come out differently. Why?
  10. B


    Region yes no ttl 1 250 100 350 2 320 110 430 3 560 150 710 4 440 70 510 TOTAL 1570 430 2000 HELLO - I am doing this assignment and no answers in my book. Wondering if I got the answers correct? I hate probability just so you know. haha but it's fun. The...
  11. T

    need help checking my answers please.

    Can someone please check my answers: I got: sin 12/13 cos -5/13 tan -12/5 and obvious reciprocals. I got it wrong! :( where did I go wrong?
  12. O

    Probability - need the answers to know if im on the right track while practicing

    1. in how many ways can a hockey team consisting of 11 players be chosen from a squad of 14 players 2. 80 disc marked with the numbers 1 to 80 are placed in a box and one disc is drawn from it. determine the probability that the number on the disc will be a multiple of 5 3. A bag contain 4...
  13. Yochanan

    I need you to help me check these answers

    I want to make sure they are not wrong, I do not want to be given the answers. Please do not conflate my behaviour with laziness. I am worried about failing and I want to make sure that I am correct 1: Pyramid with square base with sides of 2, with height/altitude of 3. Find lateral area...
  14. K

    three answers for a simple derivative

    Hi, I just did an online test that had the question below. I have no Idea what it was asking. I know that y'= -2x. Although I was not sure why there was three answer boxes layed out like they where and I am even more confused with the answer they gave me at the end of the test. Find derivative...
  15. P

    Find zeros of the function.. check my answers? f(x)= x^2+16x+62?

    f(x)= x^2+16x+62? I did the quadratic formula and got: -4, -12
  16. C

    Check my answers? Trig/Derivative Problems?

    My professor sent out an online practice quiz, and I've answered all the questions but when I submit it it doesn't show me what I got right or wrong. It's not for an actual grade just participation points and I just want to make sure I'm doing them right? Are any wrong? I think I did well but...
  17. M

    4 answers to 4 questions

    3. In an examination a candidate is given the four answers to four questions but is not told which answer applies to which question. He is asked to write down each of the four answers next to its appropriate question. b). show that there are 6 ways of getting just two answers in the correct...
  18. Z

    Factoring expressions! I know the answers, I need help learning how to get answers.

    I know the answers to these expressions, Its just that I don't know how to work them. I need help learing (Worried) (fx)=3x/(7-x) Answer:7 (x^2-64)/(8-x) Answer: -x-8 (2x^2-5x-3)/(6x^3+3x^2+2x+1) Answer: (x-3)/(3x^2+1) Please Help me! The reason I gave the answers is so that you guys know...
  19. Jason76

    Confusing Answers

    - Indeterminate OR = 1 Both problems involve infinity to the 0 power. But they come out differently. Why?
  20. Q

    Simplifying and giving answers in cartesian form

    Hi there i have a question to ask The following must be simplify and must be answered in cartesian form, present your answer on an argand diagram. Im not too sure how to do these could someone explain it please? thank you :) Question (a) (4+5j)(4+5j) Question (b) (-5-2j)(5+2j)