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    Basic probability problem answer check

    Hello again, I am working on the following problem and looking to double check my answers please Based on the information available in the table above - What is the probability that a person, randomly selected, has mood (affected) problems and belongs to the age group 35 to 44? What is the...
  2. S

    Answer please...

    I need the answer for the following question... cotX-cosX/cotX+cosX=cosecX-1/cosecX+1 Urgent please...
  3. M

    Need help verifying answer to algebraic division problem

    A problem asks to divide 3x3 - 20x2 + 39x - 18 by x2 - 6x + 9 The answer given is 3x-2 But I found that answer but with a remainder of -6x Can someone help check my answer?
  4. R

    Integration problem...

    \frac{\int_0^1\frac {1}{\sqrt{1-t^4}}dt}{\int_0^1\frac{1}{\sqrt{1+t^4}}dt}}=?
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    MTEL 53 Multipling Fractions Problem - I think the answer key is wrong.

    Hi, I'm studying for the Math 53 MTEL Math Licensing and there is a question I'm terribly confused with on the practice test. Question #15 on MTEL 53 Practice Test 2 and 1/2 times 1/4 (2.5 x .25) Which of the following problems can be solved using the operation above (multiplication)? A) A...
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    Which answer is the correct answer?

    We are to transform from polar to x,y coordinates. Which answer is the correct answer. The answers graph almost the same. The book answer will graph only on the positive x axis and my answer will graph on both positive and negative x axis.
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    differential equation of y''+y'-6y =0 is my answer correct

    find the general solution of the differential equation y''+y'-6y =0 y''+y'-6y m² + m - 6 = 0 m-2(m+3)=0 m-2=0m-3=0 m-2=0m+3=0 yᶜ = C₁℮^(-3x) + C₂℮^(2x) find the particular solution of y''+y'-6y =0 given that y(0)= 5 and y'(0)=0 getting trouble with this part help please
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    i believe this is simple interest someone help me to achieve this answer.

    You have found a way to get 8% annual interest rate on your money. 1. You deposit $10,000. How much will you have after 5 years? 2. How much interest did you earn? 3. After five years the interest rate changed to 3%, how much money will you have after 10 years? 4. what is the total interest...
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    Having trouble proving answer

    I asked a question on here previously, can be found here, and I hve been busy but haven't gotten around to finishing it until now. The question asks me to prove that the answer is a minimum. Usually to do that I'd take the x...
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    answer queary

    Hi; Can someone check the answer to this question for me please. My book gives an answer of 0.0177 is this correct ( I just can't get to this answer). Thanks.
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    What is wrong with my answer? differential equations, calc 2.

    I tried entering all possible answers. i used 3C instead of K, and webassign would NOT take my answer. this is my last try, and i cant figure out what to fix.
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    Need Simple Answer

    hi all.. i have a problem to find average like this : "The average age of 30 student in a class is 10. When 4 teachers age is added the average age becomes 12. Find out the age of 4 teacher?" i want to simple formula or simple method? thanks.. zidan3311
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    My tutor's and my working solutions are different but gives same answer.

    Hi here is the question: Determine, using a truth table, whether the following argument is valid: If a golfer scores greater than 75 he misses the cut. If a golfer misses the cut he leaves the tournament. therefore If a golfer does not leave the tournament then he scores less than 76. In...
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    How to find answer for these radicals?

  15. K

    Quadratic equation= Quadratic formula answer as decimal ??

    So I've been self studying algebra 2 along with reading calculus for dummies lol, and I've recently taught myself completing the square as well as the quadratic formula, but this particular problem wants me to give two decimal answers I can't seem to find myself at. 3j2 + 8j – 2 = 0. The...
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    Evaluate Sin^-1√3/2. Enter your answer in radians.

    Evaluate Sin^-1√3/2. Enter your answer in radians. I would be pi/3 in radians or 60 degrees in degrees. If you take a look at the unit circle pi/6 has the coordinates (1/2,sqrt(3)/2) When you're dealing with sin it's going to be the value in the y-coordinate thus for sin(pi/3)=sqrt(3)/2 I...
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    Why is the answer incorrect if I use the formula the other way around?

    In the question attached If I put x1-x2 Instead of x2-x1 AND y1-y2 instead of y2-y1 ,as in the formula, the awnser we will be correct!!!
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    Checking if answer is correct. Ellipse

    Hey Guys, I am just wondering if my steps and answers look correct. I would love the feed back. Thanks
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    Was this answer correct (equation of right bisector)?

    I just want to know if I am doing this properly (Happy) The text gave me two point A(-7,1) and B(5,5) The midpoint was (-1,2) The slope was 6/12 or 1/2 which is -2 This is what I did to find the equation -2=-2(1)+b -2=-2+b -2-(-2)=b 0=b y=-2x Also I had to show that the origin lies on the...
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    Having trouble coming up with the right answer

    Hello, Here is the question. The average price of a gallon of unleaded regular gasoline was reported to be $2.34 in northern Kentucky (The Cincinnati Enquirer, January 21, 2006). Use this price as the population mean, and assume the population standard deviation is $.20. QUESTION Calculate the...