1. jonah

    Excel Templates for contingent annuities - part 2 - Whole & Temporary Life Annuity

    Here's the 2nd part of this stuff. College kids might have some use for it.
  2. jonah

    Excel Templates for contingent annuities - part 1 - Pure Endowment - Present Value

    Thought I'd post this stuff while I still have time. Might be dead in a few months. Found an old unresolved problem in my notes. Perhaps Sir TKHunny can shed some light one it: How does one define the probability of someone aged x will live at most n years?
  3. H

    Amortization of Loans and Annuities - Need Help

    Hey guys. I need some help on a few questions. I really appreciate the help. 1) A owes B the sum of $5000 and agrees to pay B the sum of $1000 at the end of each year for five years and a final payment at the end of the sixth year. How much should the final payment be if interest is at 8%...
  4. U

    Annuities certain (arrear and due)

    Hey guys, I have a few questions that I've been stuck on for a few days, these questions have no solutions provided so I was wondering if anyone can check them for me. The first 3 questions I have completed with full working however I'm not entirely sure if they are correct, the last 4 I have no...
  5. J

    Help with annuities due.

    Also ya know show me the formulas for annuities due? The instructions in the book are: Find the amount of the following annuities due if interest is compounded annually. Find the amount of interest earned. R= $1200 i=o.075 n=8 Answer in back of book $13,475.82 $3875,82 R=$17544 i=0.08 n=10...
  6. F

    Geometric series problems - finding future values of annuities

    Hello. I'm having some difficulties with these questions and I'd like to know what I'm doing wrong: 1. $4300 is deposited at the end of every 6 months for 7 years at 9.5%/a, compounded semiannually. Find the amount of this annuity on the date of the last payment. What I'm doing: FV =...
  7. D

    Any questions about annuities

    Hello friends, given a present value of a uniform, how to determine the annual fee payments if, say, within three years, the interest the first year is 3%, the second year of 8% and third 5%? Of course, I have to pay an annuity is like: Uniform set value given a present value: A= P...
  8. T

    sime annuities / determining the interest rate

    Hey forum, got 2 questions today worked through the first one and my answers off by a few hundred so wanna figure out what im doing wrong there and the second one i got as far as i could but then i got to doing linear interpolation and got stuck. First question - A man aged 40 deposits $5000...
  9. R


    So looking at an explanation of ordinary annuities, it says that for a payment of R after n payment periods, with interest rate i, is described by the table: Payment...............Conversion Periods.............Amount 1.........................n-1.................................R(1+i)^(n-1)...
  10. S

    SOLVED Future value annuities with a different payment period to the compounding period.

    I have a question in the extended modelling part of my text book to do with annuities that have a repayment period and compounding period that are not equal. The exact question is below; "A person deposited $2000 into a bank account on his 21st birthday. He deposited the same amount on each...
  11. S

    Primer on Interest, Annuities, Loans, Present values

    This post is intended to give a quick guide on these topics since they seem to come up alot and it is too time consuming to explain the principles for every poster. When writing it i have assumed that you have already studied this material and are stuck on some specific details. The topics...
  12. I

    Help with Present Value of annuities

    a) A project produces the following cash flow: Year Flow 1 328 2 470 3 156 If the discount rate is 10 percent, compounded annually, what is the project's present value? b) What is the present value of $ 25,000 to be received in 3 years if the interest rate is 12 percent...
  13. I

    Help with annuities!

    I'm having trouble understanding this question. any help is much appreciated Today is your 30th birthday. You intend to retire at age 60 and you want to be able to receive a 20 year, $100,000 annuity with the first payment to be received on your sixty-first birthday. You would like to save...
  14. T

    Annuities - Calculate nominal rate of interest

    So I am not sure where to begin on this question. A furniture store advertises that you can pay either no tax or no interest. The terms of the no tax option are that no tax will be charged if you pay for your purchase in full on the purchase date. The terms of the no interest option are that...
  15. G

    help in annuities plsss

    An investor makes regular payments during a 5 years period into the following three savings plans: - £150 at the beginning of each month throughout; - A monthly amount paid continuously from the beginning of year 3 up until the end of year 5, starting at a rate of £300 per month which is then...
  16. Ife

    [SOLVED] Annuities

    I am not sure what's the correct approach to this question. Can I get some guidance please?? As part of a retirement package for a local oil company, Jerry will receive $36,000 every 6 months for the next 20 years. If the funds to fund this pension are invested at a rate of J_1 = 8 \%, how...
  17. ?

    Annuities and Interest Formulas

    So in my math class I have decided to do a project on Annuties and Interest but I have run into a problem. So this is the formula I use for it FV=PMT (1 + i)n -1 / i i= Interest n= number of compounding periods PMT= Amount of Periodic Payment FV= Future Value So I had to make up my own...
  18. Ife

    Simple Annuities #3

    This is the last question i have here. It reads: Frank deposited $1,250 at the end of every month into a retirement account for the last 15 years. The account paid interest of J_{12}= 15.4% for the 1st 6 years. This rate is dropped to J_{12}=10% for the next 2 yrs until it became J_{12}=12%...
  19. Ife

    Simple Annuities

    A loan of $20,000 is to be repaid by annual payments of $4,000 per annum for the 1st 5yrs, and payments of $4500 per yr thereafter for as long as necessary. Assuming that the effective rate of interest is 18%, Determine: a. The total number of payments. ; b. The amount of the smaller final...
  20. Ife

    Simple Annuities #2

    Another question, i have the answer, but i am not sure if my working is the right working. 'A car loan of $10,000 at J_{12}=12% is being paid off by n monthly payments. The first (n-1) payments are $263.34 per month. The final payment is $263.24. Determine the duration of the loan...