1. H

    Unknown angles on lines

    i want to know how to solve these two questions. Its a Microsoft office file with two figures in it.
  2. H

    Unknown Angles

    In this question will x be equal to 53 and y=?
  3. M

    Building a Wooden Icosahedron. Help.

    I'm building a wooden Icosahedron like this one Figure 9 for Hart's "In the Palm of Leonardo's Hand" in Nexus Network Journal v4n2 Can anyone help me out with angles the sticks of wood should have? Thank you!
  4. U

    Compound Angles or Double Angles?

    Hi, I am stuck these types of questions and I just can't make any sense of them. Do I apply compound angles or double angles or the simple trigno functions? Kindly show me a few steps and I will take it from there. Q) Find all the angles between 0 and 360 which satisfy the following equations...
  5. K

    complementary angles

    two angles are called complementary angles if they add up to 90 degrees, right? then what about 110 and -20? are they complementary? or complementary angles have to be both positive?
  6. D

    Roof Light Angles

    Hi I was hoping someone could help me. I have a old hard copy table that tells me how to work out the pitch of a rafter, the angle under the hip and the dihedral angle. Eg Pitch = 25° Angle Under Hip = 18.15 Dihedral Angle = 145.25 Pitch = 20° Angle Under Hip...
  7. H

    Unknown Angles

  8. O

    Solving for angles - Thank You

    Two angles are complementary The sum of the measure of the first angle and 1/4 of the second angle is 62.25 degrees What is the measure of the small angle? what is the measure of the other angle? I tried, I really did, I know an angle is 90 degrees so x + y = 90 degrees Please help me...
  9. T

    How to solve the values of trigonometric functions?

    Okay, I will write the exact question from the book. Suppose that cot 0(angle measure) 5/12 where 0 is an acute angle in a right triangle. Determine the values of all the trigonometric functions of 0 exactly. Examples of trig functions are: sine 0= opposite/hypotenuse Tan 0= opposite/adjacent...
  10. S

    Help with angles?

    A couple questions (angles, lengths + measures) Hey! These two questions are stumping me... so I figured I'd come here for some help. 1.) Circle with centre O, CE tangent at D, ∠AOD= 100° , ∠BAD= 48°. Find and explain your answers. Here's an image I drew up:
  11. M

    Rhombus Angles

    Hey, I have a geometry exam tomorrow and I'm trying to complete a review packet from my teacher. I was doing fine until I reached the section on rhombi. I can't out for the life of me how to do this problem. Could you please help me? Please provide an explanation, if you can, as well. I've...
  12. M

    Finding height and base of building with 2 given angles.

    hey, ive been working on this question for a while now; i just cant seem to get it. A building is in the shape of a square prism with base edge m and height h metres. It stands on level ground. A base diagonal AC is extended to point K. From K, a surveyor finds that the angles of elevation...
  13. G

    hyperbolic geometry (help!) angles.

    Im having a bit of trouble, im not sure how to solve this question? Whats the method? Cheers.
  14. C

    Angles and the measure?

    Which angle has the same measure as angle N? A) angleLKT B) angleNLM C) angleNML D) angleLTK Are you just supposed to eyeball this?
  15. N

    Direction of Angles

    Not sure what to do here: The direction angles of a vector are all equal. Find the direction angles to the nearest degree.
  16. T

    Proving double angles

    Apparently I'm supposed to put these questions in this subforum, so here it goes. I've tried this problem several times in different ways and never managed to prove it. Prove: --sin2x--= cot2x 1-cos2x These are double angles, not squared. Thanks for helping.
  17. T

    Another prove: double angles

    So here's another problem that's been puzzling me for a couple hours. I got my answer as ---1---- does not equal--- 1--- but I am very unsure whether this is right 4cos^2x---------------cos^2x Here's the question Prove that: 2csc2xtanx=sec^2x
  18. T

    Prove: Double angles

    Because our teacher made a test hard enough that no one in our class understood, he decided to give it to us as open-book homework. I really need help with some questions. Prove: 1 - tan^2x = cos2x sec^2x In case anyone doesn't know what I mean, ^2 means squared. Thanks to whoever can help
  19. J

    angles in pentagons

    hey! 1. this diagram (the one attached) shows a regular pentagon divided into a quadrilateral. calcualte the angles in each of these triangles and the quadrilateral. thnx a bunch Joyousness
  20. zzizi

    Vector Q - Planes and angles

    Hi could someone pls help me with this... If I have a line: 3x-2=4y-5=-z+2 and a normal: r(5,-4,1) how would I calculate the angle between them? If you could show me how... I will do the rest many thanks