1. G

    is this possible? angles and stuff

    So one of my friends sent me this thing today and I was able to figure out all the questions but 4 and 5. I know she's wrong for the other questions (all 3 I believe) but neither of us could figure out what the correct answers to 4 and 5 were. I don't think it's possible but I figure I'd let a...
  2. Z

    Need explanation for angle problem, also, having trouble solving the equations

    ABC = 10x - 8 DEF = 2x + 22 What is the value of X? How many degrees are in angle ABC? If someone could also explain this to me it would be great
  3. J

    Hi, I have tried to work out the following...

    ...can someone help me. Sine cosine tangent angles i have attached the following thanks in advance!
  4. C

    Properties of Parallel Lines (Finding Angle Measure)

    If AC is parallel to BD, FAC is 80 degrees, CAO is 60 degrees, and BO bisects DBE, then what is the measure of BAO? This question is taken from Geometry (McDougal Littell), Chapter Three. (Not drawn to scale)
  5. C

    Finding angle of parallelogram with circle passing through 3 vertices

    Given the above construction of parallelogram ABCD, with point E between B and C lying on the circle, the sine of angle A must be greater than √(x)/y where x and y are positive integers. What is the greatest possible value of √(x)/y? Answer: √(5)/3 At first I considered using the law of cosines...
  6. O

    Determining the radian value

    Hi, I hope someone can help. I'm working on question 6, and I have a few questions about it. For 6b - I thought that the solution would be pi/3, but the textbook solution is 11pi/6. Why am I wrong? For 6c - I don't see any special triangle relationship in this example, so I don't really...
  7. T

    Geometry Inscribed Angles and Central Angles Help

    Hello all! I would really appreciate it if you helped me with this problem. It's for my Geometry Honors class and it's quite overwhelming. It is about circles and determining inscribed angles, central angles, and other angles. Here is the problem (diagram and given information)...
  8. J

    Ration of sin of angles

    In a \Triangle ABC\;, If \tan A:\tan B;\ \tan C = 1: 2:3\;, Then \sin A: \sin B: \sin C, is
  9. M

    Find the angle X

    Hi Please Help me to find the angle X with reasons.(Diagram attached) BD & CD points are on BE side of the ▲ABE. AC=DE. Find the value of angle X
  10. B

    Help with this angles

    Hi, sorry for my bad english, but math language is universal (Rock) TOday i want to resolve this exercise, but i cant solve the components on x,y,z from this force F1= 250 (N) I cant understand how my teacher solve this and what type of trigonometic formula he used THanks, is my first...
  11. C

    Perpendiculars are drawn from angles A, B, C of an acute angled triangle...

    Question : Perpendiculars are drawn from vertices A, B, C of an acute angled triangle on the opposite sides and produced to meet the circumscribing circles. If these produced parts be p, q, r. Then show that (a/p) + (b/q) + (c/r) = 2(tanA + tanB + tanC). where a, b, c are the sides opposite...
  12. P

    geometry help please!!!!! thanks!

  13. M

    Reference angles question (confusion on my part)

    Let us say find cosine 230 do I always subtract it from 270? Or would I do 230-180. It looks like on my notes I did it sometimes from both ways which way is the correct way? For instance I had a problem where I had sin being 15.5 but it was also 165.5 why wasn't it just 105.5??? Because on my...
  14. M

    proportioned angles

    Required accessories - pencil, compass, unmarked straightedge Odd proportion angles (there is a proportion of the steam angles) of the element 3 (which may be 5,7,9, ...) and the base angle 45 ^ o (which can be any angle which is obtainable by means of compass and straightedge) The angle...
  15. S

    Construct A Plane From A Coordinate And A Unit Vector And Find Its X,Y,Z Angles

    I'm trying to learn how to figure out the X,Y,Z rotation angles of a plane so that it is normal to a unit vector. I have a coordinate point that is on the plane and a unit vector that is normal to plane to start with. Appreciate any help I can get.
  16. M

    using angles to find lengths of legs in triangles.

    First, forget about the lower study card in the picture. I understand the answer now. For the upper card, the answer given is 3.5 and I'm not sure how this was determined. Could someone explain?
  17. Jason76

    Range of Angles

    - part 1 - part 2 - (to the left image of problem) answer to problem is given on video, but they want it written a certain way.
  18. Jason76

    Angles of Elevation

    (image) Find angles of elevation. y(t) = v_{0}\sin\theta(t) - \dfrac{1}{2}g(t)^{2} (t)(v_{0}\sin\theta-\dfrac{1}{2}g(t)^{2}) = 0 t = 0 t = \dfrac{2v_{0}\sin\theta}{g} x(\dfrac{2v_{0}\sin\theta}{g}) = v_{0}\cos\theta( \dfrac{2v_{0}\sin\theta}{g}) (146)\cos(\theta)(...
  19. M

    Help with Central Angle and Inscribed Angles

    Hello all. I am refreshing my geometry skills. I have a problem that states: Find the value of x. I know that the central angle is equal to the length of the arc. I think what I have here is an inscribed angle but I do not know the value of the intercepted arc. I am lost. Please give me a hint...
  20. D

    angles in circles help

    Can someone explain what i need to do to solve these problems? I tried solving #13 with 9x+4=1/2(11x+x^2) but something went wrong. I might be using the wrong equation. Any help would be appreciated!!