1. L

    construction of a parallelogram with 2 diagonals and angle beta

    Hi, guys! I'm here again to ask a question: I need to make a construction of the parallelogram with: e = 5 cm, f = 6 cm, \beta = 75^\circ. cm = centimeter unit. e and f are diagonals. Please help! ;)
  2. K

    angle problem

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  3. N

    Compound Angle Formulae

    Hi all, Do not know what to do for question 6 or where to begin. Any help greatly appreciated. Thanks for your time.
  4. W

    Is there a formula to determine force based off mass, distance and angle?

    I am currently studying forces in Physics, and the professor basically just gave the definition of tension force, and the book isn't helping me with a problem that appears to be using tension force. Basically, the problem involves a rope strung across a 10 meter gap between two buildings. The...
  5. B

    Finding a 3D vector at a given angle between two other 3D vectors

    Hello, Say I have two 3D vectors: v1 and v2 My known variables are the coordinates of each vector from the origin: (v1x , v1y , v1z) and (v2x , v2y , v2z​) , and in turn, the magnitude of each vector: v1m and v2m I know that I can find the angle between these two vectors with the equation...
  6. Y

    Complex Number and Double Angle

    How do I solve question iii only, please?
  7. K

    angle problem

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  8. F

    convert angle to position -geometrci algebra-??

    Hi, i am animate manually caracter bone where i drag the end effector bone ("hand") by the mouse and i calculate automaticaly using inverse kinematic method the other joint orientation. the issue that i use a speacial inverse kinematic called FABRIK FABRIK: A fast, iterative solver for the...
  9. M

    Help with Central Angle and Inscribed Angles

    Hello all. I am refreshing my geometry skills. I have a problem that states: Find the value of x. I know that the central angle is equal to the length of the arc. I think what I have here is an inscribed angle but I do not know the value of the intercepted arc. I am lost. Please give me a hint...
  10. R

    Trigonometry Missing angle question

    Completely stuck on this. Please help
  11. M

    Coterminal Angle

    A) Find an angle between 0 and 2π that is coterminal with -19π/10 B) Find an angle between 0° and 360° that is coterminal with 810°. Need a little help. I am understanding on the concept, but just not quite there yet. It'd be awesome if you guys can work out both of these.
  12. J

    find the angle between two skew lines

    I'm trying to find the angle between two skew lines. (See attached) I am doing a wheel alignment on a car I have drawn two lines of equal length that go from the centre of the wheel straight out in front of the car. Then work out the distance the two line are apart at two separate points. I...
  13. S

    Angle of Triangle - help needed

    help me... thanks
  14. R

    Find the angle on the left

    I have two lines I need to calculate the angel between these lines. using the following formula I can calculate the acute angle. however I sometimes I want the obtuse angle 180- the above equation will get me that. The angle I want is always on the right sometimes its the acute one some times...
  15. M

    non-dihedral angle

    does a non-dihedral angle between two planes have a correct name?
  16. K

    angle bisector

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  17. abhforum

    angle between hour and minute hand

    the angle between minute and hour hand of a clock when time is 4.20?? give me formula for finding it for any time
  18. O

    Angle Bisectors of Triangle ABC

    Question: The angle bisectors of Triangle ABC meet at Point I, AB:BC:CA=4:5:8, and the area of Triangle ABC is 68. What is the area of Triangle BCI? No diagrams were provided. We are supposed to draw our own. Btw, Triangle BCI is created with the lines of the bisectors, I'm pretty sure :)
  19. F

    In triangle, 1 angle is twice as big as 1 angle and 3/4 the size of the other. Help!

    In a triangle (180 degrees), one angle is twice as big as one angle and 3/4 the size of the other. What is the measure of the smallest angle? How would you solve this? I have tried working backwards (as in, from the answers) but to no avail. There are too many variables? Choices: 48 96 98 72...
  20. F

    Time: What is the 1st time after 4:30 that min&hr hands don't form acute angle

    How would you solve this? Note: it is on a circular alarm clock How would you mathematically solve this? I have tried drawing it out, but I do not understand the steps. Thanks! Choices are as follows: - 4:35 - 4:36 - 4:37 - 4:38 - 4:39 Thanks!