1. J

    Algorithms: x,y values convert to angle.

    <div>Hi i am new on the forum. I am making a smartphone application and this is the first time i’m working with algorithms.</div><div>I am looking for algorithms that can convert  x and y value on a Cartesian plane (x,y) to an angle.  The angle can be 0-360...
  2. S

    Right angle triangle - logarithm problem

    Prove that if a and b are the lengths of the legs and c is the length of hypotenuse of a right angle triangle, c-b not equal to 1; c+b not equal to 1 thenlog_{c+b}a+log_{c-b}a=2log_{c+b}alog_{c-b}a
  3. C

    Finding an angle using numerical methods.

    Two small spheres of mass 10 g are suspended from a common point by threads of lenght 50 cm. Find the angle made by either thread with the vertical when each sphere carries a charge of 2 μC by (a) using the small angle approximation sin(theta)=tan(theta) and (b) using numerical methods. I...
  4. E

    From "side-side-angel", is other angle obtruse or acute in triangle?

    Wikipedia has a great article about solving triangles, here's a link to my problem, se in particular: -point 3) D<1 --subpoint 1) b<c Solution of triangles - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia I know two sides and a non-included angle in a triangle. If the known angle is not obtruse, it seems one...
  5. D

    Double/half angle identity help!

    Hello all, currently working on an assignment proving identities via the usage of half-angle and double-angle formulas. All have seemed ok so far, yet I'm incredibly stuck on this problem: cosA+sinA/cosA-sinA=sec2A + tan2A Any help would be greatly appreciated
  6. P

    I don't understand how to find the measure of angle DAB in this

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  7. Y

    How can i find the angle X

    [a*cos(b-X)]^2 = c*cos(X) where a,b,c are constant
  8. R

    Finding the angle between tangents

    Verify that the circles x2+y2 = 25 and (x−5)2+(y−10)2= 50 intersect at A = (4, 3). Find the size of the acute angle formed at A by the intersecting circles. You will first have to decide what is meant by the phrase the angle formed by the intersecting circles
  9. Furyan

    Particle projected at an angle to the horizontal.

    Hello, I'm sorry that this is a bit of a rambling question. I'm having difficulty understanding how to assign the signs in these problems. The rest of the math I can do and I'm finding it really frustrating that I'm not understanding the signs on the vectors. I can get to the solutions but I...
  10. T

    An angle bisector of a triangle divides the opposite side into..

    I had a two part problem. I did (a) with no difficulty, but I'm stuck on (b) especially with how we are asked to prove it. (a) Prove that the external angle bisector at C is parallel to line AB if and only if AC = BC. No problem, I did this. (b) If AC is not equal to BC, the external angle...
  11. B

    internal angle sum

    . Let A, B, C be three non-collinear points. Let D, E, F be points on the respective interiors of segments BC, AC and AB. Let θ, φ and ψ be the measures of the respective angles ∠BFC, ∠CDA and ∠AEB. Prove IAS(ABC) < θ +φ + ψ < 540 - IAS(ABC).(IAS means internal angle sum). There is also a...
  12. L

    URGENT! Find Angle between between vectors using norms

    View image: PROB I don't understand how to use the information given. It's not like I can break up a sum inside a norm. I also don't know if this is in R^2 or R^3, so it's R^n I know the formula: cos theta = (u . v ) / ( ||u|| ||v|| ) and that norm squared is a vector dot itself
  13. A

    Simple angle problem

    I wanted 135 to be 45 and 225 to be 45 and 180 to be 90 something like that,I know there's a formula how to get those.But I just can't figure it out,so please help =).I just wanted any angle to be something between 0 to 90,so angle 91 will become 1 so on and so forth.
  14. darence

    Triangle with angle of 60 degrees

    Hello all. I have a problem : Proof that triangle has an 600 angle if and only if sin3\alpha+sin3\beta+sin3\gamma=0 Please help, no idea :(
  15. E

    Want radius of circle through 3 points. A chord and an angle are known.

    The distance between points a and b is defined to be 1 length unit. The angle acb = v (that is, with apex in point 'c') is known. Angle abc is less than 90 degrees (so cab is more than 90 degrees). What is the radius of the circle which passes through points a, b and c? That is, the line 'a'...
  16. I

    Related Rates & Angle of Elevation Help??

    I'm not sure how to do these two questions. Any help with both or one is appreciated!! 1) A balloon rises into the air started at point P. AN observer, 100m from P looks at the balloon and the angle theta between her line of sight and the ground increases at a rate of 1/20 rads per second. Find...
  17. E

    Circle from two points and an angle

    I want to determine the circle through points N, S and V. I know the distance between N and S. I know the angle NVS. How could an expression describing such a circle be constrained given that information? Thank you!
  18. T

    trig problem tricky

    Two cities A and B are 300 miles apart. In flying from A to B, a pilot inadvertently took a course that was 15 degrees in error. The error was discovered after 15 minutes at a constant speed of 400 mph a. how far is the plane from B? b. through what angle should the pilot turn to correct the...
  19. rcs

    Measure of angle D

    ABCD is inscribed in circle O. If angle B is 110 and angle C is 80. What is angle D? whatt made me confuse here is that we know that consecutive angles of a quadrilateral are supplementary but 110 + 80 is 190. It impossible now to find angle D. Please guide me on this thanks
  20. rcs

    Find the measure of angle BCD

    In triangle ABC , is produced to D. If angle A is 60 and angle B is 85. Find angle BCD. I would like to know what does it look like when it say produced to D. I dont understand the statement. I need your help please. Thanks a lot