1. SheekhKebab

    American Idol

    8 couples(Husband and wife) attend a music show American Idol a popular TV channel. A lucky draw in which 4 persons picked up for a prize is held, then the probability that there is atleast one couple will be selected is: Ans: \frac{15}{39} The question is solved in the following way: P(...
  2. S

    Expected Loss for American Roulette

    Hey everyone! So I'm getting a bit stuck when it comes to calculating expected loss for American Roulette (38 spots: 18 are red (odd numbers between 1 and 35), 18 are black (even numbers between 1 and 36), and 2 spots are green (one is 0 and the other is 00)). For example, I understand that If...
  3. K

    How many pounds + volume of ground beef would fit into an American football?

    Hi all, I have a bit of a strange question. I'm making an American football made entirely out of meat. (The "Meat Ball") I've already decided to use a bacon weave to wrap it, (for protection, plus to call it a pigskin) but I need to come up with an accurate amount of 1. Volume and 2. Weight so...
  4. H

    Boundary conditions on the American option in the heat equation

    Hey guys I'm wondering how to get the boundary conditions on the American option in the heat equation? thanks!
  5. B

    Which approach is nicer? UK MEI approach? American approach?

    Which approach is nicer? American approach: Cal1, Cal2, Cal3, Linear Algebra, ODE UK OCR approach(MEI: Mathematics in Education and Industry): Further Pure, Statistics, Mechanics, Deciaion maths, numerical analysis
  6. Mukilab

    Need help with American Billion problem

    I need help finding a number, please post only clues and not an answer. 'Find a ten-digit number which uses each of the digits 0-9 once and has the following properties' First digit is divisible by 1 Number formed by the first 2 digits from the left is divisible by 2 Number formed by the...
  7. B

    Converting between american & metric units?

    i dont know how to solve any of these problems. What are the steps? 1.) 12 km = _____ ft 2.) 5,000 in. =____ m 3.) 37 oz = _____ kg help?
  8. D

    I am not from american child please help with word problem

    Determine the dollar amount for the cement needed for a sidewalk that is 4 inches thick, 3 feet wide, and 40 feet long. The cement is sold for $76 per cubic yard. a. $1,351.11 b. $337.78 c. $99.26 d. 112.59
  9. D

    probability about american households math problem

    9/10 households in America have a car. Let X denote the number among 4 randomly selected households that have a car. A. Calculate P(X=2) B. Calculate P(X>=2) C. Calculate P(X<2) I am unsure of what each point is exactly asking. I know that P stands for probability. Could someone put the...
  10. A

    statisics and probabillity North American Quiz

    Hi, I just wrote a North American knowlege quiz for statistics and probabillity. These were the questions. Can someone solve any of these and show your work? I just need to check if i did it correctly... nervous.... Long Answer Questions 3. In an investigation of pregnancy-induced...