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    Triangle Question Regarding Altitude and Segment Lengths

    RE is an altitude of triangle RST. Find the measures of MN, NE, and RT. I would appreciate it deeply if someone could help me figure out NE and RT. I already know that MN is 14, but I don't know how to find the two other segments.
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    Finding right triangle sides with only altitude Altitudes (AD; DE) is known, and all sides (AB; AC; BC) is known except EF and EG. I need formula to find them
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    View image: analitik I want to solve this without trig but I am stuck with the altitude.
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    triangle altitude angles

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    triangle altitude help

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    altitude of a tent.

    the definition of altitude - a line which passes through a vertex of the triangle and is perpendicular to the opposite side. Reflecting at the definition, if I want to imagine the altitude of a tent we would rather measure it from the ground to the top of tent. In the definition of altitude...
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    Finding an angle in a triangle where a median from B equals an altitude from A

    Hi everyone, This problem has me stumped as I cannot find an relation to use to solve the problem. The solution had me even more confused. In triangle ABC, altitude AH and median BM intersect inside the triangle and are equal. If <ACB = 41 degrees, find the measure of <MBC. The solution...
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    I think the teachers answer key might be wrong (bisector and altitude of triangle)

    Hi, My teacher gave us an answer key to an assignment where we had to find the equation for the altitude, median and perpendicular bisector of a triangle. One of the triangle has vertex coordinates of M(1, 5) N(-4, -4) and O(2, -5). She writes that the slope of the altitude from vertex M to...
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    Triangle Problem - Given altitude and side length

    The length of the side is 30 and the altitude of the triangle is 40. I can't seem to solve for x. I would know how to solve it if it were a right triangle. Then I could use the geometric mean theorem to solve it, however this is not the case. Any thoughts?
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    Having some trouble with some analytical geography (High School level) (altitude)

    Hi, I am having a bit of trouble with this new module we started on analytical geometry. I am supposed to find the equation of the altitude drawn from a vertex, but nowhere in the book does it explain what altitude is. The information I am given is 3 x y coordinates on a Cartesian graph. Could...
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    In right triangle RST, TU is the altitude drawn to hypotenuse RS. If RU = 6 and ST =

    In right triangle RST, TU is the altitude drawn to hypotenuse RS. If RU = 6 and ST = 4 then what is US?a). 2 or 8 b). 8 c). 2 d). 4 e). 2.7 I think it's b). 8 but I'm uncertain.
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    I have a question about a problem in the first chapter of precalc?

    Here is the question which I am trying to solve: Triangle ABC has vertices at A (-1,4) B (8,2) C (11,-4) 1.Find the slope of side AC (I think it is -2/3) 2.Find the slope of the altitude from B to side AC 3.Find the equation in slope intercept form of the altitude from B to side AC Any help...
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    Trapezoid Altitude

    Is there a formula to calculate the altitude of a part of a trapezoid? Please see the attachment. I would like to solve for X Thanks,
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    Concerning the altitude of an equilateral triangle

    I appologise if this is the wrong forum. I figured triangles are trigonometry. Are there any equilateral triangles where both h and a are integers? I found this formula on the internet. h = (1/2) * √3 * a Is there any way to re-arrange it to get rid of the square root? I'm trying to...
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    Triangle Ratio Problem (I think)

    It's one of those problems where they give you a right triangle, and then there is an altitude, and it's usually a variable. They also give you the length of the hypotenuse. I'm not very good at describing what I mean, (sorry) but I believe it should be set up as x+9/18=8/x+9 Do you understand...
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    Finding the sides of a triangle given altitude and hypotenuse

    The perimeter of a right triangle is 60 and the altitude on the hypotenuse is 12. Find the sides of the triangle.
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    The vertices of a triangle are at A(-3,-2), B(2,1) and C(0,6). What is the equation of the two lines. Please help me and show the solution... Thanks!
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    Finding Altitude

    Little stumped on a problem here. Plane leaves runway climbing at 15 degrees with constant speed 250 feet per second. Find altitude after 1 minute. What would the setup be?? (Not even sure I'm using the right identity) sin 15 degrees = X/(250 ft/sec x60 seconds) X = 3882.29 ft...
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    Trouble With Triangles with Altitude

    Okay. I'd doing this assignment and I came across a problem I absolutly know i got right but the computer says otherwise (possibly a programming error). Here it is: In the diagram of ΔABC, m∠ACB = 90 and is an altitude. If AD = 2 and DB = 6, find AC. 1.) 2.) 4 3.) 6 4.) 4 It said it was...
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    Prove - medial triangle, perpendicular bisector, altitude

    The problem is to: (1) Prove that \DeltaABC is the medial triangle for \DeltaA'B'C'. (2) Prove that the perpendicular bisector of a side of \DeltaA'B'C' is an altitude for \DeltaABC. (3) Prove that the three altitudes of any triangle are concurrent. The given information is: Given a...