1. A

    Mathtype alignment help

    hello all ! (Hi) I have one doubt regarding alignment in mathtype software I want to type like this But i end up like this when i click " align at = < > .. " in format options can anybody help me how can i type like in 1st image..Thanks ! (Itwasntme)
  2. Bernhard

    Keeping latex elements in alignment with non-latex elements

    I have noticed that in posting to the MHF in Linear and Abstract Algebra the latex text ends up higher or lower than the non-latex text and thus looks poorly aligned and is not as clear as it might be For example sr^3 comes out as sr^3 Can anyone give me a way to avoid such mis-alignment Peter
  3. Jason Bourne

    Text alignment

    Does anyone know how to align text in Latex without using the tabbing environment? I'm trying to insert horizontal space at a line break, surely there is an environment for this?
  4. C

    Magnetic tape's head alignment: NRZI vs. PE/Manchester coding

    Magnetic tape's head alignment: NRZI vs. PE/Manchester encoding Would you accept the following answers? How would you correct/improve them? (a) The NRZI encoding is not self-synchronizing, hence we must demand the vertical alignment to be as perfect as possible. The maximum allowed...
  5. S

    Calculate Torus dimentions to align to a square grid.

    I am using a program to create a torus which ideally should align to a square grid. The basic outline can be seen here: The reason is would be nice to have it align to the grid is so that when the torus is rendered there is no...
  6. J

    MathType help: how to align equations separately?

    Hi all, I have a simple question. In MathType one can use the option in the menu: "Format -> Align at =" to align equations at the '=' sign. The problem is that MathType aligns everything in the current window and not just what you selected. Ex if you have this in your window: f(x)=2x+3...
  7. I

    alignment problem

    Hello I would like to align to equations, one of them is large and therefore has to be split. They need to have their own equationnumber. When I try it they do not align. \begin{align} \begin{split} New\_score\_5\_unscaled& =5.33\times birc5+5.53 \times ccnb1+8.24\times ccnb2+8.25\times...
  8. E

    Text alignment.

    Hi: Very often my text, after writing and rewriting some things, ends up badly aligned. Is there a tool I can use to fix this?
  9. F

    Global Alignment Problems

    Anyone familiar with global alignment problems? It's a big thing in Bioinformatics (although mostly a Math course). I have a couple I could use some help on dealing with "gaps," optimal alignments, and so forth. They're generally in the form of boxes, with arrows from one box to the next...