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    Requesting guidance on Algebra-2 problems

    Hello everyone. Attached are 2 pictures of the math i need help on. I already have the answer key. What I need are the steps/work. If you could post a picture with your steps written on paper that would be much appreciated. Even if you only know a few, anything helps. thank you, Peyton
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    Imaginary Numbers?

    I don't understand these math problems and i have get them done by tomorrow. btw they are imaginary numbers, so i squared is replaced with 1, i believe. (7+7i)^2 2i/1+2i -6+4i/1+4i Thanks so much in advance.(Clapping)
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    advanced alg2 (early college alg) problem

    problem is under urgent homework help. i double posted (unaware i shouldn't have) plz answer there (asuming this post is not delted) \sqrt{x+a} + \sqrt{x - a} = \sqrt{2} \sqrt{x+7}
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    hey i need help with this one math problem in algebra 2 it says "find the sum of the numbers 1-500" now obviously they don't mean for you to begin adding numbers from 1-500 cuz that would take all year, anyone have any ideas on what they might want here? plz help if u can :D