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    Advice Question: Should I drop and wait for next semester?

    So I am taking Linear Algebra II this semester, according to my syllabus there will be no calculators or notes allowed on the exam.Should I just take it next semester?
  2. G

    [Series problem] Hello, Would you mind enlightening me on this problem?

    I've got the following sequence \frac{1}{1}, \frac{1}{4}, \frac{3}{4}, \frac{1}{9}, \frac{3}{9}, \frac{5}{9}, \frac{1}{16}, \frac{3}{16}, \frac{5}{16}, \frac{7}{16}, \frac{1}{25}, ... And I'm asked to find a_{50} , \sum_{n=1}^{50}a_n and the maximal n satisfying a_n \geq \frac{1}{10} Finding...
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    Hello, I need some advice on studying for a scholarship. Mind helping me?

    Hello, my name is Ale. First of all I'm really sorry to be a bother to you. I am applying for the Monbukagakusho (MEXT) Scholarship this year, It's a full-paid scholarship that allows you to do your undergrad in Japan. I'm applying for this because I'm from Paraguay, and I want to become an...
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    Stats Advice

    Hi all, I'm planning on taking a stats course in school and I was wondering what kind of math do you need to know to be able to understand and do multiple regressions in matrix form? I know you'll obviously need matrices, but what kind of level of sophistication do you need with matrices (e.g...
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    Hi! need some advice

    Hi, So a couple months ago I decided to take Geometry over the summer because I wanted to advance to Algebra 2. My class is 4 1/2 weeks long covering an entire year of Geometry. I just finished my first week and I didn't do as well as I expected. My first 2 tests I got 65% and 67%. Today I...
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    What advice can you give to someone who wants to study mathematics on his own?

    I'm currently not a math major but I would like to study mathematics on the side. However, I don't know how to pursue it as a hobby. There are so many topics to study, it seems, that I can't systematically approach them to learn. One way to narrow down the list of topics is to reflect on what...
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    advice on improving a call center rating

    Attached is a call centre file and from your opinion, which column would you use as a response, if the question was to improve customer rating. I argue that service time should be the response here because there seems to be a strong correlation between having shorter service time and higher...
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    I need good advice about statistics!

    Hello everyone, I study Mathematics (2nd year of university). I have to take a class called "introduction to statistics". Every thing about this class is a mess, printed material that the teacher gave us is useless ( sometimes he talks about things he didn't give a definition of ), the...
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    Please give me some advice!

    Hello all, I have just began studying a Software Development degree because I wanted to change career and love programming in my spare time. In my first year, I have a math course which I enjoy a lot but...At school math was not a strong subject of mine, possibly because I didn't engage with...
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    VAR econometric robustness tests advice

    hi guys, I just ran a Vector auto-regressive model using 6 endogenous variables. i have attached an image of the result. Can some one tell me what should i be wary of before interpreting the results? i know we should see if there are any auto correlation (what test should i use?). can you guys...
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    Hello .. all advice is welcome

    I am taking a statitics and probability college course. I really need some advice on some problems I have. Thank you!
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    Hello, I need some advice

    Hi everyone, I have just started studying statistics as a hobby and would like some advice if possible on the following. I have observed measured values of say for example T = 10, 20, 30, .... and I want to use for example the function T = 7*D/2 for a expected value of T to compare with...
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    Advice on the right statistical distribution

    Please move this to non-advanced stats if I have it in the wrong forum. I am science degree qualified but not with a maths degree, what maths I have had is a bit rusty and i am looking for some advice on a statistical distribution. I am looking to simulate a node in a network randomly going...
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    Textbook advice - Euclid, Kiselev, or Lang?

    Hello, I am a college student but I never learned geometry properly - my high school's course was pretty much confined to the areas of plane figures and a few two-column proofs. I'd like to learn it from the bottom up, and I have access to three different books: Euclid's Elements (Green Lion...
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    Basic maths test Advice

    HI guys and girls I have created a mini maths test consisting of 12 questions , and i was wondering , do you guys mind if you have a look , and try answering the questions showing your working out. ? As i am trying to determine, whether this task is too hard for my students
  16. K

    New Math Teacher

    Hello, I am a new math teacher. This is my first year working with secondary students and teaching math (I have an elementary/early childhood background). I am currently teaching Geometry and Honors Geometry. Next year I will also teach Algebra. I am looking for advice on how to make learning...
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    I think this is a calculus problem.... any advice?

    Hi everyone! I have a little problem here that I am trying to work out but I can't solve... Really the problem here is that I'm a terrible Mathematicain! But I'm here to learn!!!! The problem is simple (or at lease simply explained) and I have included a piece of a larger table (attached xls)...
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    tricky degree standard differential equation and calculus question! need some advice

    Hi, We've been given this tricky question and I have a few ideas jotted down but when I've gone to try them they haven't been making sense and I've been going round in circles and it's truly bugging me now so I need somebodies help please!! :( The question is: Suppose we have two species...
  19. K

    anova or fractional factorial analysis advice

    Hi, I need advice on a possible approach that I can use to reduce the number of simulations that I need to run. At the moment I have a simulation parameter (number of a certain device, x) and I need to evaluate how my simulation will perform with a varied number of these devices e.g. 2, 4, 6...
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    Need some advice on basic algebra

    Remove all the grouping symbols. Simplify as you go by evaluating the numbers. Remove the brackets first. a) 5−[3−(x−2)] =5−3+(x−2) =2+x−2 =x. b) 5−[3−(x+2)] =5−3+(x+2) =2+x+2 =x+4. c) −5+[3−(x−2)] =−5+3−(x−2) =−2−x+2 =−x. d) 5−[−3−(x+2)] =5+3+(x+2) =8+x+2 =x+10. I understand a,b & c The...