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    Expected value of S&P 500

    Compute the expected value of Log S_n+1/Sn, where Sn denoted the value of S&P500 at time n . Using u=1.0063 and d=.993738. The answer should be in terms of p and q. Using Historical prices of the here. Use this estimate to compute p and q.
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    Probability of 1 chosen in a group of 20 out of 500

    Suppose you have 500 elements and select a group of 20 out of them. What is the probability of any element being in the group? I've come up with an answer two different ways, but both of them disagree with the book's answer. The book says that it's 1/500. However, I would think that I'd...
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    Statistically comparing the power usage of a 500 watt refrigerator to a 100 watt ligh

    A company claims that its 500 watt refrigerator uses less power than a 100 watt light bulb when they are both constantly running. What is the best statistical method to use to compare data gathered on the power usage. I was thinking Hypothesis testing. I would really appreciate your input on...
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    If 30 units = 500 and 300 units = 1500 what would say 80 units = ?

    I think I need a graphing calculator of some kind. I want a calculator or a formla for a spread sheet or just a quick way to work out a math problem. If 30 units = 500 and 300 units = 1500 From this a line on a graph could be drawn that would then tell me the value of any number of units...
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    Calc 3 - A projectile is fired with initial speed 500 ...

    A projectile is fired with an initial speed of 500 m/s and angle of elevation 30. Find a) the rangle of the projectile b) the maximum height reached c) the speed at impact Help!