1. U

    what was the value of the shares at the end of 2007?

    a man invests 40,000 in ACME shares at the beginning of 2005.the stocks rose in value by 12% per annum for each of the next 3 years and then started to decrease by 16% per annum. 1)what was the value of the shares at the end of 2007? 2)if the value of the shares continues to decrease at 16% per...
  2. grgrsanjay

    an IIT-JEE(indian institue of technology joint entrance exam) 2007 question

    \displaystyle\lim_{x\to \pi/4} \left(\frac{\int_{2}^{sec^2 x} \left(f(t) dt) \right}{x^2 - \frac{\pi^2}{16}}\right) equals (A)\frac{8}{\pi} f(2) (B)\frac{2}{\pi} f(2) (C)\frac{8}{\pi} f(\frac{1}{2}) (D)4f(2)
  3. O

    Equation to predict deaths in 2006 and 2007

    The equation Y=-17777x +27,153 can be used to predict the number or gun deaths in the U.S. x years after 2000. x = 0 - 2000 x = 3 - 2003 x = 6 - 2006 1. Predict the # of gun deaths in 2006 and 2007 2. Predict what year gun deaths will be...
  4. J

    how to create a histogram in excel 2007, please help.

    hello, I'm really having a hard time, how can I create a histogram in excel 2007 with data such as the following range 0.5-8.5 8.5-16.5 16.5-24.5 Frequency 14 12 11 I've really seached on google how to create a histogram with such data but I'm not able to understand what I'm...
  5. P

    Math B Regents June 2007

    I want to know how to do #18 on the multiple choice section. http://nysedregents.org/testing/mathre/b-607.pdf
  6. J

    [SOLVED] Adding two Coloumns in Excel 2007

    Hey all, This might be way below the average mathematical discussion level at this forum but I do need help and the people here seem to know a crap load. I am using Excel 2007 and i need to add values in cells between two coloumns with the output in a third coloumn in the same...
  7. Q

    Problem #5 Final Calculus I Exam Spring 2007

  8. M

    Polynomial, Radical Equations & Inequalities. Help needed by Jan. 9,2007!

    Hello all, I've got a situation and I would greatly appreciate help from anyone who knows Algebra 2 very well (and preferrably someone who could do the provided problems without taking too much of their time). My daughter is a high school student and is struggling with a certain chapter for the...