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    Not sure if this is the right thread to post this, but I got this kind of as home work from calculus, so basically the thing looks like this (sqrt(n)/(n+100))-(sqrt(n+1)/(n+101)) , wolfram says the answer should be n = sqrt(40001)/2 - 1/2. Anyone got any ideas?
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    Eric 101

    Following instructions and introducing myself here. I am interested in practical maths applications. I am not a student and am not trying to find answers to assignments.
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    NPV calculation - This ain't Financial Management 101 [Discussion]

    Before we begin the discussion you would need the tools required to perform complex net present value calculation. Download the tool here that will assist you with the task http://finance.thinkanddone.com/32_bit_tadxl_v_3.0_en_demo.zip If you ever been to places like Yahoo Answers! or...
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    Calculus 2, Math 101 Series converging or diverging help

    Hey guys I need help with 3 series questions I have uploaded the pictures, I know the first one is convergent and you can compare it to 1/n^2 and take the limit but I cant simplify the limit. Then for numbers 2 and 3 I am also pretty sure they are convergent, just cant do the proof. Thanks a...
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    Primitive roots modulo 101

    Of the 101 integers in a complete residue system (mod 101^2) that are congruent to 2(mod 101), which one is not a primitive root (mod 101^2)?
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    MATH 101 problem solving

    Just wanted to see if someone could help me out and show me the answer you got as well as your process for solving so as I can match it with my work... PROBLEM: "In the first problem, we found that Jen needed to write 1080 digits to number the 396 pages in her biology notebook. What do the...
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    help please... Bus 101 math question

    can someone please help the question is Cans of soup are stocked in 1,250 square feet of warehouse space. If each can requires 2 1/3rd square feet of space, how many cans of soup can be stored in this space? The answer is 536 and i have no idea how to do it.
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    101 in Darts

    Help cant do this quiz question could be impossible please help i'm stuck using three seperate trebles on a dart board from 1 to 20 only. the bullseye and 25 can not be used. score 101 any help would be appreciated :confused: