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    Solve 2/3(2X-4) = 1/2(X+3)-4

    I did everything I could to try and solve this and I cannot get the correct answer. I feel like an absolute idiot. Could anybody please break down these steps for me so I could get the correct answer: 2/3(2X-4) = 1/2(X+3)-4 Thank you so much!
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    Solving sin2x= (1/2)x

    Solving sin2x= (1/2)x (for positive values of x) I got this as a part of my tutor homework, yet I can't seem to figure it out. It also says to use a graphical method to solve for this equation. I have draw out the lines, but don't know how to find that x intercept point of the 2 lines. I am...
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    [SOLVED] Integration using tan 1/2x substitution

    Im struggling to finish this one I = 1/( 2 + cos x) dx using substitution t = tan1/2 x I sub in for cos and recalcualte to give me I = 2/(t^2 + 3) dt I can see this is clse tot the form I = a/(t^2 + a^2) dt but can complete. Can someone show me where I'm missing the link? Thanks, Dan
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    Integrate 1/(2^x)

    It has been too long and I ask help on a solution to this easy integration problem. Integrate from 1 to infinity: 1/(2^x) It is very close to one if not 1 but I am interested in how to get the answer. Thanks, Brent
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    How to integrate (x+1)/(2x+3)

    Hello, What is the method of integrating I = (x + 1)/(2x + 3)? I get a wrong answer: 0.5x - 0.5ln(2x + 3) The correct answer is 0.5x - 0.25ln(2x + 3) My method: Let (x+1) = A{2x + 3} + B{differential coefficient of 2x + 3} (x+1) = A{2x + 3} + B{2} equating coefficient of x: 1 = 2A :. A...
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    What is the perpendicular distance from the pt 5, 4 to the line y = 1/2x + 6?

    The title pretty much explains the question: What is the perpendicular distance from the pt 5, 4 to the line y = 1/2x + 6? If you could please tell the answer and explain how you got there that would be great. thanks