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Thread: Position Puzzle

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    May 2009

    Position Puzzle

    This is a hard one! Does anyone know the best answer??

    Position puzzle

    There are 4 guys with radios lost in the woods and a 5th guy at camp. They have minimal battery power for their radios and must conserve energy. They want to figure out a way to have the location of each one of them known to the guy at camp.

    Communication - They can communicate with each other and to camp.
    Distance and angle The radios are smart and can measure the angle or distance relative to any guy in the woods or camp at any time.
    Computations Using the radios the guys can do basic arithmetic and trig.

    Points will be added for each use of the radio. The higher the points the more battery power is drained from the radios.

    -Between a guy in the forest and camp costs 0.65 points per digit or syllable.
    -Between a guy and another guy in the forest is 0.1 points per digit or syllable
    oExample: sending 45 to camp will cost 1.3 points or 0.65 x 2
    Angle and Distance,
    -The radios can automatically figure out angles and distance but it is expensive.
    oMeasuring either angle or distance from a guy to camp costs 2 points per measurement
    oMeasuring either angle or distance from a guy to another guy costs 1 point per measurement.
    -The radios will to be used to solve simple arithmetic and trig equations.
    oEach arithmetic operation costs 0.25 points
    oEach trig operation costs 0.35 points
    -Calculating at camp does not cost anything because battery power for that radio is not a problem.

    The radios only can be used in serial, (one after the other) and not in parallel (multiple things at once)
    Radios should be treated as if they shared the same power source. Using one guys radio more than another guys will not make a difference in this exercise.

    Find the best, most efficient way for the guys to have their positions known to the guy at camp using the least amount of battery power (least amount of points)
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    May 2009
    I got 19.5 points by doing distances only. anyone out there getting less points??
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