Greetings once again,

I'm sitting here doing my physics lab and these questions confuse me. I think I know how to approach and solve it but i'm not really sure. I really need some clarification/help on. So please help me.

1) Use the length of string (2.405m) and the distance along the floor (1.7157m) to compute theta. (The 0 thingy) Determine your height using theta and f. No idea on how to even start this one.

2) Use the angle (43) and the distance along the floor (1.7157m).
For this one I think I should use Tan (43) = h divided by 1.7157m ? H=1.6m?

3) Use the angle (43) and the length of the string (2.405m).
I think you use Sin (43) = h divided by 2.405m? H = 1.64m?

4) Use the pythagorean theorem.
I think you have to use the 3 questions above to do this.

Please help!
Thank you in advance.