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Thread: trigonometric curve

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    May 2008

    Exclamation trigonometric curve

    Please check to see if I did this right? I need correct answers soon! Thank you very much.

    "The Second Question" Sin Wave Question:
    "A student attaches one end of a rope to a wall at a fixed point 3 feet above the ground, as shown in the accompanying diagram, and moves the other end of the rope up and down, producing a wave described by the equation y = a sin bx + c. The range of the rope’s height above the ground is between 1 and 5 feet. The period of the wave is [4(pie symbol)]. Write the equation that represents this wave."

    I got Amplitude = 4, Period = [2(pie)/b], Frequency = 2/4
    ...Not so sure about this one...

    And for the equation: y= 4 Sin (2/4(x)+4)

    ...I really am unsure about this one. Someone please clarify for me? I need to get "solid" in my head what the amplitude, frequency, period, and range are...And solid, a=, b=, c=...answers.

    Please help me demystify this sin wave question! Thank you.
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    Was your first one:

    $\displaystyle \frac{2cos{\theta}}{sin2{\theta}}$?.

    If so, it is equal to $\displaystyle csc{\theta}$

    Because $\displaystyle \frac{2cos{\theta}}{2sin{\theta}cos{\theta}}=\frac {1}{sin{\theta}}=csc{\theta}$
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