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Thread: Simple question??

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    Mar 2008

    Simple question??

    Hi guys

    Its revision time, and I've been going through previous papers for the module. One cropped up asking for an angle, given $\displaystyle sin^2(x)=0.64$. I know how I'd go about it if it was simply sin... but i just dont know the inverse of $\displaystyle sin^2 (x)$!!
    None of my coursemates know either, but I cant ignore it and hope it doesnt come up really!

    Any help on the matter would be appreciated!

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    Apr 2008

    When solving something like $\displaystyle X^2=100$, you find the solutions saying that $\displaystyle X=\pm\sqrt{100}=\pm10$. You're in this situation here, except that $\displaystyle X=\sin x$ and that 100 has been replaced by 0.64 :

    $\displaystyle \sin^2x=0.64 \Leftrightarrow \sin x=\pm \sqrt{0.64}=\pm 0.8$

    It gives you two equations to solve, good luck !
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    Mar 2008
    Genius, cheers!

    I was looking for an identity
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