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Thread: Oblique Triangle Diagram Problem

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    Mar 2019

    Oblique Triangle Diagram Problem

    I came across with a sample problem about Oblique Triangle in the internet that goes like this:
    (Refer to: Oblique Triangles)

    P and Q are two inaccessible points. To find the distance between them, a point A is taken in QP produced, and a line AB 1200 feet long is measured making the angle PAB = 26 35'. The angle ABP = 48 12' and ABQ = 106 42'. How long is PQ?

    The hint for this problem, which is written in the same website is this: To find PQ, first find AP and AQ. You can find AP using the law of sines on triangle ABP, and you can find AQ using the law of sines on triangle ABQ.

    The answer is (which is also written in the site): 651.9 feet.

    I tried to solve the problem but I can't get past drawing the figure.

    Can anyone help in providing the correct diagram.

    Thanks in advance!
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    Re: Oblique Triangle Diagram Problem

    Here's a diagram and solution. I got a slightly different answer than you provided.

    Oblique Triangle Diagram Problem-mhftrig11.png
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