Hi all,

I am based in the UK and am doing an electrical engineering distance course. That being said, as I am not classroom based and trying to juggle full time work with study, a forum like this seems like a good place to gain information.

My math is rusty to say the least but I am really enjoying trying to teach myself at a higher level (UK level 4/5). I didn't enjoy maths in school so much but the second time round I think its great! Especially when I can relate the subject to my career (engineer).

Anyway, thank you in advance for any assistance you guys can provide me.

I am currently studying Sine Waves and got asked a question that I am struggling to put words to.

Discuss the benefits of graphical analysis of sine waves as opposed to mathematical analysis and vice versa.

Not trying to ask for the answer (as per the forum rules) but if anyone could give me some pointers that would be great.