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Thread: Calculate points within a rotated rectangle

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    Jan 2017

    Calculate points within a rotated rectangle

    I have an app that I am working on. A bitmap will have a rectangle drawn on it. I need to rotate the rectangle anywhere from 0 - 360 degrees along its center point. After the rectangle is rotated I need to calculate if any given point int the picture falls inside the rectangle. All distances in centimeters. Looking for a good way to calculate using the following inputs:

    bitmap width - width of the whole image
    bitmap height - height of the whole image
    rectangle width - width of the rectangle drawn
    rectangle height - height of the rectangle drawn
    angle of rotation - rotated clockwise 360 degrees

    The point that is given can be expressed as an x,y position from the top left corner of the bitmap or a distance from the center of the rectangle
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    Re: Calculate points within a rotated rectangle

    Here is a sketch of what I'd do in your case. The first thing I did was solve for the base case, where there is no rotation. I then convinced myself that being within the boundary of a region would be retained with a rotation.
    So if I have a clockwise rotated rectangle of $\displaystyle \theta$, I counterclockwise rotate it back that much in my calculations. It's not elegant to show all the work, but I hope this leads you on the right track.
    |*| denotes absolute value.

    Calculate points within a rotated rectangle-sketch.png

    Given O is the origin (0,0)
    No rotations : verify P(x,y) |x| < 1/2 w and |y| < 1/2 h. If not, it's not within the boundary.

    With a rotation clockwise of an angle $\displaystyle \theta$, use a rotation matrix to rotate counterclockwise, then solve,

    Verify that P'(x',y'), the transformed point corresponding to P(x,y) follows the below rules. If it does, then P in within the boundary of your rotated rectangle.

    $\displaystyle |x'| = |x\cos(\theta) - y\sin(\theta)| < 1/2 w$
    $\displaystyle |y'| = |x\sin(\theta) + y\cos(\theta)| < 1/2 h$
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