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Thread: Trig Anxiety Attack.

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    Nov 2012

    Trig Anxiety Attack.

    I cant sleep now. I have a test next Monday. And we have one more section tomorrow. I get the double angle and half angle identities mostly. Yesterday we have product identities. I have work tomorrow and calling sick to study with the tutors and a elementary math teaching class tomorrow morning. We had a substitute teacher Monday Tuesday and now Wednesday of today and he actually made it more worse and half of the class didnt show up when he came second day. This is the same teacher where most of the classed failed in my calculus class. I took College Algebra got an A and I have an A in trig now so far and with the same teacher now I might fail. With this terrible sub. Heres something interesting . My teacher Amy Rhine is on vacation dating the substitute teacher brother in Wisconsin while we suffer. The substitute teacher is in charge of the part time teachers and in charge of the interviewing and probably hired Amy. Can I complain to the dean.
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    Re: Trig Anxiety Attack.

    Hey Melcarthus.

    You should probably ask the dean for advice on the situation: random people on the internet (including myself) are the not best people to answer your question.
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