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Thread: Trigonometry Online Course

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    Nov 2010

    Trigonometry Online Course

    Hello Everyone,

    I come to ask a basic question, and I hope I'm not hated for the "stupidness" it involves.

    The course is an online trigonometry course.
    Every week I have to do a set of assignments and quiz. I can usually figure out very easily how to complete the assignments since I'm reading the book and solving the problems simultaneously and therefore I can easily read a formula and answer the question.

    But lately many definitions, formulas, and concepts keep pooping back up in quizzes and newer chapters and I'm having trouble solving the problems without having to review previous chapters. My fear is not the homework but how will i perform on my Midterm and Final. I'm a little afraid I might have some learning deficiency because even subtracting and addition has become a little difficulty for me to do.

    I saw Ackbeet's post which has a list of formulas that could help one have a "good grasp of trigonometry" if those formulas are memorized.

    Now what exactly is memorizing in this case?
    Recalling something? -or- Being able to build up from one example to use in similar cases?

    Any advice will be greatly appreciated.

    I hope I din't place the thread in a wrong category.
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    Nov 2012

    Re: Trigonometry Online Course

    It really does help to have intuition. Take for example: $\displaystyle sin(a+b)=cos(a)\cdot sin(b)+sin(a)\cdot cos(b)$. You can remember or write this down, but it won't help you when you are solving. It's always best to have some sort of logic behind your actions in math, as I am sure you know. Also, it helped me to put up a 'clumsiness check-list' that I go through for every problem on a test.

    I advice reading/watching proofs as well as learning. At the very least try grasping the intuition. I couldn't learn math otherwise.
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