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Thread: right angle triangle trig question

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    Jul 2012

    right angle triangle trig question

    So I'm doing this math problem and the answer we provide is supposed to be presented in the correct amount of significant digits, here's the problem:

    A search and rescue helicopter locates a ship in distress at a 19 degree angle of depression. If the helicopter is flying at an altitude of 800m, find the distance between the helicopter and the ship.

    The problem itself I can do fine, but for some reason the answer provided in the answer key is 2457m.

    Shouldn't it be rounded to 2500? 19 degrees is 2 significant digits, right?

    Thanks for any help in advance!
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    Dec 2007
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    Re: right angle triangle trig question

    Well, answer is 2457.242789....
    So looks to me like 2457 is what's expected; 2457.742789... would be 2458

    Btw 19 has 2 significant digits; 2457 has 4 of the mudders!

    Significant figures - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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