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Thread: Prove the triangle identity

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    Jun 2012

    Prove the triangle identity

    Hi everybody, I need your help again. I have to prove the following identity:
    For every triangle (a,b,c represents length of sides and opposite angles)
    I know I should use laws of sine and cosine but I couldn't complete it.
    Also sorry for my post, I'm on my tablet so I didn't use equation editor.
    $\displaystyle (b-2*a*cos(gama))/(a*sin(gama))+(c-2*b*cos(alpha))/(b*sin(alpha))+(a-2*cos(beta))/(c*sin(beta))$
    Alpha - opposite of a
    Beta - opposite of b
    Gama - opposite of c
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    Apr 2005

    Re: Prove the triangle identity

    It would help if you would distinguish between "A", the measure of an angle, and "a", the length of the side opposite that angle.
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