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Thread: Exact value for ratio

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    Sep 2011

    Exact value for ratio

    Hey i need help finding the exact measures for these two trig ratios

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    Nov 2009
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    Re: Exact value for ratio

    Well, how would you solve $\displaystyle \tan{\frac{4\pi}{3}}$? Can you think of anything equivalent to this? Think of the unit circle - which other value for tan will give an equivalent result?

    For $\displaystyle \cos{(\frac{-19\pi}{6})}$, it's the same idea. Remember that $\displaystyle \cos(x)$ is periodic every $\displaystyle 2\pi$ radians, so you can keep adding $\displaystyle \frac{12}{6}\pi$ to the value in the brackets and your answer will be unchanged.
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    Oct 2011

    Post Re: Exact value for ratio

    I bet a diagram of the unit circle will help, too.
    See the one on Wikipedia here.
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