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Thread: Trigeometric word problem.

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    Dec 2010

    Trigeometric word problem.

    Hello, I stuck at the following word problem given, which will also be on a test I will have tomorrow, and this is the only question I practically don't understand, and I'm sure a similar question will be on the test, therefore please help and show work.

    Here the problem: Trigeometric word problem.-trigeoprob.png
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    Feb 2009
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    You have an angle to the ground of $\displaystyle 6^{\circ}$. Hence $\displaystyle 1524 \text{ ft}$ is the opposite and the distance the plane starts is $\displaystyle x \text{ ft}$ which is the hypotenuse.

    Recall SOHCAHTOA and pick the ratio used for when the opposite and hypotenuse are given
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