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Thread: Can someone help me?

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    Can someone help me?

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    1. make a sketch of the situation (see attachment)
    2. A solid with a mass of 25 kg develops a vetrical force of F = 25~kg \cdot 9.81~\frac{m}{s^2} \approx 245.25~N
    3. Cable and pole have to develop an uplifting force of the same value. In my sketch this uplifting force is labeled F_u
    4. The angle between pole and cable is \arccos\left(\frac{1.25 m}{2.5 m}\right) = 60^\circ
    5. The cable is pulling upward.
    6. The pole is pushing to the right.
    7. The angle between the cable and the uplifting force is 30.
    8. You are dealing with a right triangle which angles you know and the length of one leg.

    9. The force with which the cable is pulling can be calculeted by: |\overrightarrow{F_c}| = \frac{245.25~N}{\cos(30^\circ)} \approx 283.2~N

    10. The force with which the pole is pushing to the right can be calculated by: |\overrightarrow{F_p}| = 245.25~N \cdot \tan(30^\circ) \approx 141.6~N
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