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Thread: Can someone help me?

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    Can someone help me?

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    1. make a sketch of the situation (see attachment)
    2. A solid with a mass of 25 kg develops a vetrical force of $\displaystyle F = 25~kg \cdot 9.81~\frac{m}{s^2} \approx 245.25~N$
    3. Cable and pole have to develop an uplifting force of the same value. In my sketch this uplifting force is labeled $\displaystyle F_u$
    4. The angle between pole and cable is $\displaystyle \arccos\left(\frac{1.25 m}{2.5 m}\right) = 60^\circ$
    5. The cable is pulling upward.
    6. The pole is pushing to the right.
    7. The angle between the cable and the uplifting force is 30.
    8. You are dealing with a right triangle which angles you know and the length of one leg.

    9. The force with which the cable is pulling can be calculeted by: $\displaystyle |\overrightarrow{F_c}| = \frac{245.25~N}{\cos(30^\circ)} \approx 283.2~N$

    10. The force with which the pole is pushing to the right can be calculated by: $\displaystyle |\overrightarrow{F_p}| = 245.25~N \cdot \tan(30^\circ) \approx 141.6~N$
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