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Thread: Figuring out three formulas?

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    Oct 2010

    Question Determining x,y,z coordinates?

    EDIT: *Sigh* forget it.

    Hey there, I am pretty poor in math, never learned trig, just quickly taught myself what the sin/cosine/tangent/arcsine/etc. functions are and that is about as far as my knowledge goes. So I apologize if this is really basic, and perhaps should be posted somewhere else. (Though this appeared to be the correct place)

    So, on with the problem, I am working on a project with a rotating object in 3D space that needs to be able to determine two points relative to the object's rotation based on it's yaw, pitch, and roll.

    -The first point would need to be located at 50 units below the object no matter it's roll,pitch, and yaw.
    -The second point would need to be located 25 units off the front as well as 50 units below.

    So with the project, a yaw of 0 would point down the +x axis, and the y axis is flipped, so a yaw of 90 would point down the -y axis.

    So with point one, with yaw:0;pitch:0;roll:0 the point would be located at 0,0,-50, with yaw:90;pitch:90;roll:0 the point would be located at 0,-50,0
    With point two, yaw:0;pitch0;roll:0 the point would be located at 25,0,-50

    For me, this is a doozie and I can't figure it out, perhaps someone that has a better grasp on this kind of math could help?

    I have tried various things, but the results are never desirable.

    So really the three formulas I am looking for, is the method to determine the location of each point on each axis.

    Let x,y,z be the Object's coordinates
    Let px1,py1,pz1 be point 1's coordinates
    Let px2,py2,pz2 be point 2's coordinates

    So perhaps something like this:

    (I don't know if the above would be accurate, though I know my previous attempts were all failures)
    Anyway, again if someone is willing to help me out with this, it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you very much in advance.
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