Hi everyone,
i’m working on a automaton (mechanically) and need to create an algorithm that translates vector drawings into 2d cam shapes, one for an x axis and the other for the y axis.
The two cams spin around the same axis 360 degrees at a constant speed and the ‘cam one’ presses a pin to control the x axis and ‘cam two’ the pin for the y axis.
For example, if the cams spin one degree, the x needs to be at 0.1mm and y at 0.9mm, by the time the cams are at 2 degree, x needs to be at 1.1mm and y at 0.4 and so on until 360 degrees to start all over again.
For it to draw the right shape, is there a program (software) that can calculate the right shape for the cams (x and y) from a 2d vector drawing??
Can this principle be applied to a spiral so the time would not be limited to 360 degrees (steps)??
How do I calculate that?
Thanks for any answers I hope I made it understandable.