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Thread: trigonometric Functions (again...)

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    Post trigonometric Functions (again...)

    I'm trying to solve these two problems.

    1. Use the given function values and trigonometric indentites to find the indicated trigonometric functions.

    sec = 5, tan = 2*sqrt(6)
    a) cos θ. I have found that it is 1/5 though I'm not sure.
    b) cot θ. I have sqrt(6)/12
    c) cot(90 - θ). I don't know how to solve this one
    d) sin θ. This one neither.

    2. Find the values of θ in degrees and radians.
    a) cot θ = sqrt(3)/3
    b) sec θ = sqrt(2). I have for this one 45 degrees and pi/4

    I'll be really REALLY grateful if somebody can help. Anyways you guys always do so thanks a million!!

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    First of all, I assume that when you say
    sec = 5, tan = 2*sqrt(6)
    that you are actually saying : sec(θ)=5 and tan(θ)=2

    a) Correct. cos(θ)=1/sec(θ)=1/5
    b) Correct. cot(θ)=1/tan(θ)=1/(26)=6/12
    Assume that 90 is in degrees.
    c) cot(90-θ)=tan(θ)= 26
    d) tan(θ)=sin(θ)/cos(θ)
    sin(θ)=( 26)(1/sec(θ))
    sin(θ)= ( 26)(1/5)
    sin(θ)= (26)/5

    a) cot(θ)= (√3/3) multiply that by (√3/√3) you get
    cot(θ) is u/v, you take it from there? Does your teacher want all possible values of θ or just one?
    b) is correct if you are looking for just one value of θ.

    hope that helped.
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    Thanks for helping. For the second question, my teacher only wanted one value so I'm pretty much done. Thanks for helping ....really appreciate it!

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