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Thread: Finding coordinate length from angled datum

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    Mar 2009

    Finding coordinate length from angled datum

    Hi, I have a table matrix which is going to provide me with priority weighting depending x and y values.

    I have an image as an attachment below which shows an example of the grid and lengths that I need to get out.

    As you will see the angled lines are based on the size of the table 5/25 and -5/25.

    Any help will be greatly appreciated!
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    Mar 2010
    Hello. I don't really understand all the details of your problem, so I'm going from just your diagram.

    Make (x,y) = (0,0) the lower right corner of the grid of horizontal and vertical lines, with y being the numbers at the far left and x being the negative of the numbers at the top. So the upper right corner is (x,y) = (-25,5).

    It looks like the line sloping up has a slope of 1/5 and goes through (0,0). The lower line slopiing down has a slope of -1/5 and goes through (-1,1).

    Using the following formula for a line:
    the equations of the two lines are y = 0.2x and y = -0.2x +0.8
    and solving for x and y gives x=2 and y=0.4. So the first answer is the distance from (-1,1) to (2,0.4).

    You can follow a similar procedure for the second line.

    Hopefully that solves your problem.

    Post again if you need more help.
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