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Thread: Data - Calculate the Actual median

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    Data - Calculate the Actual median

    Ok here is the table I am given.

    Mark Intervals Number of Learners
    30-39 2
    40-49 5
    50-59 20
    60-69 42
    70-79 25
    80-89 5
    90-99 3

    Then I did the a cumulative frequency and represented the data on an Ogive.

    I was then asked to read off the Median from the Ogive which was also straight forward.

    Then I was asked to calculate the ACTUAL median.

    Any help on how to calculate it?

    What I did was (100 + 1)/2 and got 50.5th value which would be in the 60-69 interval and I gave that as my answer? Is that correct? If not, how would I do this problem.

    Thanks for the help in advance
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    You have 102 samples therefore the median will be in between the 51st and 52nd values. You are correct to say it lies in the 60-69 range.
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