I have two problems I can't figure out.

1.) The reliability of two types of machines used in the same manufacturing process is to be tested. The first machine failed to operate correctly in 72 out of 325 trials while the second failed to operate correctly in 105/375 trials. Using a 10% level of significance, is there a significant difference in the reliability of these 2 machines?

H0: H1:
Critical value:
Decision Rule:
Test Value:

The second problem::

Some popular phone companies claim the average price for a cell phone is $300. Consumer Reports found the following cells phone prices:

499 279 669 550 207 600 399 235
467 249 200 235 489 300 429 390

Can consumer reports claim the phone companies price is too low? Use a 5% level of significance.

Ho: H1:
Crit Value:
Test value:

Any help would be greatly appreciated!