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Thread: Setting up a casino.

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    May 2009

    Setting up a casino.

    Hey, apologies in advance for any spelling/gramatical mistakes as I am Egyptian. I have lived in England for a long time now though so it should be understandable.

    Ok, so I play on online multiplayer game. I'm looking to set up an 'in-game casino'. Obviously I have limited resources. The best I have is a roll system whereby the player can type "/roll x-y". The currency ingame is gold peices. Now, my initial thoughts are to set it up so that people can come to the 'casino' and /roll the dice. Each roll costs K gold. Say I make it so that they can roll from 1-1000. If you roll over between 600 and 800 you get your gold back. If you roll between 900 and 950 you double your money and if you roll over 950 then you get 10x your money (this hopefully being the pull factor).

    My maths is not exactly fantastic. I don't know whether my current numbers are likely to bring a profit or not. I figured if I make the maths easy for myself and I get 1000 customers.

    I'll earn 5000gold at 5g per roll.
    200 of them will get that 5g back = -1000g
    150 of them will double their 5g = -1500g
    50 of them will get 10x their 5g back = -2500g

    = 5000g income
    = -5000g loss
    = total profit of 0g

    What I'm looking for (because my maths is really bad, honestly) is firstly whether my current maths is correct and on top of that how with being able to roll from any number up to any number (1-100 is the standard) I can make more profit. Also, which variables are the ones to change to increase my profit.

    Thanks in advance, Proon.
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    Here is a spreadsheet that will do the math for you.

    casino sheet.xls

    just play with the payout multipliers and intervals.
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