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Thread: Chi-Square test urgent help!!

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    Chi-Square test urgent help!!

    results for men in california age 35-44 can be tabulated by marital status below:

    married widowed, divorced never married
    employed 790 98 209
    unemployed 56 11 27
    not in labor force 21 7 13

    men of different marital status seem to have different distribution of labor. Is this true or due to chance variation. From a simple random sample.

    I know we have to use a chi-square test, but I keep getting confused..I have a test tomorrow so if I could get help on this, it would be appreciated..thanks!
    Last edited by skabani; Apr 26th 2009 at 10:27 PM. Reason: the table format got messed up, the 3 catagories are married, widowed/divorced and never married
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