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    Jun 2007

    Red face Question 5

    12. Are 14% of M&M Candies Yellow? Mars, Inc., claims that 14% of its M&M plain candies are yellow, and a sample of 100 such candies is randomly selected.

    a. Find the mean and standard deviation for the number of yellow candies in such groups of 100.

    x = number of yellow M&Ms; n = 100; p = 0.14

    Mean: ___________

    Variance: ___________

    Standard Deviation: ___________

    b. Data Set 13 in Appendix B consists of a random sample of 100 M&Ms in which 8 are yellow. Is this result unusual? Does it seem that the claimed rate of 14% is wrong?

    Unusual values are those outside ______(insert the formula)
    Now plug that in for max and min values:
    Minimum usual value:_________
    Maximum usual value: ________

    Conclusion: Now you'll provide an interpretation and a summary statement
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    Jan 2009
    Hi I attched the solution as an attachment. Hope this helps you.
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