Hi friends,
Just a few days back I have started playing the game. To get more information on roulette I have been going through several articles. Recently I found something on roulette etiquette. Its really interesting. Just take a look.
The king of all casino games is craps or roulette which is a game of chance. The basic idea of the game is to pick out a number, or to guess black or red. Here are some a few rules and mannerisms to follow when you´re out playing live roulette at a casino:
1.When you have to place your bets or money on the layout and once the wheel is spun, the dealer will give you just a few seconds to lay a bet and when he raises his hands and says ‘ no more bets´, it is important for you to stop yourself from making another bet. It will be appropriate for you to wait until the next spin of the wheel.
2.When the ball drops into either the red or the black slot on the wheel, the dealer will then place a kind of marker on the table that will correspond with the slot where the ball fell. Once this is done, the dealer will remove all the losing bets and will then pay off all the winning bets and remove the marker. During this time, the players should not touch their markers. If at all you do, you will be asked to leave the casino.
3.The most important thing is to remain courteous at all times. Try not to knock over your neighbor´s chips. Always be respectful when speaking to the dealer and your competing participants. At every tenth spin or so, offer your dealer a small tip as a token of appreciation, this always portrays good manners.
4.More importantly, the basic aim of the game is to have fun. So, don´t get drunk or too excited. Since roulette is a respectable game, you should behave in a respectful manner and just concentrate on having fun.